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Well really my cat jumps when she is playing or when she gets scared its natural dogs jump nearly everyone does lol ...:D

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โˆ™ 2009-01-06 20:02:55
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Q: How come your cat does not jump?
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How high can a mountain cat jump?

Mountain cat can jump seven times there tail length. They can jump pretty high!

What cat jump?

Every cat jumps.

Which cat can jump the highest?

The cat that can jump the highest is the lynx. They can jump 5 metres high and 9-14 metres in length.

Can a cat jump?


Can Cat jump?


What is the name of a startled cat?

catty jumpy jump , "Scaredy cat" , "Fraidy Cat" .

Can the pregnant cat are jump?


Why is your cat not able to jump on bed?

Cat's should be able to jump on your bed unless it is very high. or maybe your cat is too fat.

Will fleas on a cat infect another cat if bitten?

Fleas jump from host to host, so a flea can jump from one cat to another if bitten, but the bite itself will not cause the fleas.

How heigh a domesic cat can jump?

It Depends On The Ability, Size And Breed Of The Cat.

What does agile cat mean?

My cat can jump from the floor to the top of the door without scrambling. She is an agile cat.

How high can a cat jump?

Cats can jump almost 7 times higher of their length

How high can a Bengal cat jump?

6 to 12 feet high. It can jump over me!

How high can a house cat jump?

A house cat can jump about 7x his or her own height unless the cat has a certain health problem, broken limb... etc also it can lift its own weight.

What is ballet term for prance of the cat?

The "Cat Jump" is called a "pas de chat", which means step of the cat. A pa de chat is a small jump. Pronouced pa-de-shaw

How can I keep my cat from jumping off of my balcony?

Dont let the cat out on the balcony. Cats get curious and they WILL jump off that balcony unless they're a coward like my male cat. My female cat would surely jump off. And my male cat would only jump off by accident 'cause he's fat and his rear would be hanging out...

How Do you get your cat to jump over hurdles?

Throw treats over it so your cat knows what to do!

How high can the average cat jump?

I don't know, but they can jump seven times their own height!

How high can a cat flea jump?

it is 75 inchess

Why did cat woman jump out the window?

meantal problem

How can you make cat come to you?

You can't "make" a cat come to you. They'll come when they want.

Can dogs jump further than cats?

I would say ,size for size, a cat can jump further.

How does an Asian golden cat protect itself?

jump to a tree

What kind of animal can jump and will not eat cat food?

A horse.

How many feet can a cat jump over?

As much as it want's