Head, Ears, and Nose

How common is it for a nose or nose tip to lean slightly to one side and is this a reason to have surgery?

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2006-09-20 07:52:11

Most people have asymmetric faces to some degree - - if a baby

is placed face down consistently the face (and nose) is going to

shaped by this. You can place your hand flat against your face and

feel which side of your face you spent more time on. Native

American babies carried in traditional packs which kept them on

their backs had more symmetrical faces. ~ If you can breathe be

glad and don't worry about it - - the risk of infection is enough

to make most sane people stay out of hospitals. If you are obsessed

enough by your looks to endure surgery, chances are you won't

actually be more satisfied with the results of your surgery - - the

extreme example, of course, is Michael Jackson... ~ ~ The best way

to change your face is to learn to smile!! ... And remember - - if

you don't like your looks, this means YOU CAN SEE. So express

gratitude to your parents, and maybe whatever diety or dieties you

prefer, and set out to do something kind for someone. They are

going to see a more beautiful person than your stupid mirror can

ever show you.

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