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How common is it to have to have a root canal done shortly after having a new crown?


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2015-07-15 21:44:20
2015-07-15 21:44:20

It can happen. Removing a lot of the tooth for a crown can cause the tooth to go into "shock" and die. Meaning it needs a root canal. Or it could have been that the tooth was so decayed that it was very close to exposing the nerve when all of the decay was removed. Sometimes teeth heal themselves and other times they don't and they need a root canal. It happens occasionally.

It is not very common but it's something that can happen.

Sometimes the pulp has extentions that are close to the edge of the tooth and that don't always show on an x-ray. That is why, in these cases, the pulp might be irritated after putting a crown, therefore needing a root canal.


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No, a root canal is not necessarily required when getting a crown.

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I think its because the crown is not the same size as ur previous tooth,get it altered by ur dentist.

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A crown is typically recommended after a root canal because the tooth will tend to become very brittle and may fracture easily. A crown can prevent this.

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usually when you get a root canal there is not much tooth structure remaining and a crown helps support the tooth... so your tooth can break if you dont get a crown

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Is replacing bonded tooth with a crown necessary to prevent root canal?

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