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The fact is that cows milk was never intended to be consumed by humans. So the problem is quite common in both children and adults.

I spent 5 years in and out off Hospital before being told I was Lactose Intolerence at the age of 15. Now when I question my house surgeon and Stomach Doctor (Gastro something). He Qouted to me that Lactose Intolerence was rare and only 1 in every Million person (per head of population) is Lactose Intolerence.

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Q: How common is lactose intolerence in children?
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What are the symptoms of lactose intolerence?

Gas is one of the symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Can the hormone changes in puberty cause lactose intolerence?

Studies say that this is not possible. A there is no change in the microorganisms in the intestine before and after puberty.

What change in the skin can lead to cold intolerence in the elderly?

loss of subcutaneous fat, common in the elderly.

What are the most known children allergies?

There is a lot of medical information about peanut allergies which is common among children. Another common allergy is lactose intolerance. Yet another is poison ivy.

What are common names for sucrose and lactose?

common name for sucrose (or saccharose): table sugar common name for lactose: milk sugar

What are the common names for sucrose and lactose?

Sucrose is table sugar while lactose is dairy.

Common name of lactose?


How is lactose intolerance measured in children?

To identify lactose intolerance in children and adults, the hydrogen breath test is used to measure the amount of hydrogen in the breath.

Evaporated milk is made by carnation and comes in a can. Is it safe for my cat?

No, cats have an intolerence to lactose found in all forms of cows milk. Use cat milk. If you give this milk to your cat, it will develop diarrhea

Older children and adults who are lactose intolerant should adjust their diets based on what factors?

Older children and adults can adjust their intake of lactose depending on how much and what they can tolerate.

What are some common food allergies?

The most common food allergy in children is the peanut allergy, which can be quite severe. Children can also develop allergies to many other types of food.

What is lack toes tin taller rinse?

If you are referring to lactose intolerence, it means that you can't eat or drink and dairy products such as cheese, milk or cream (anything which contains milk). That's a good question though, well done.

What is the most common primary carbohydrate intolerance?

The most common is lactose intolerance.

3 common disaccharides?

Maltose,sucrose and lactose

What is the web address of the New Mexico Holocoust And Intolerence Museum in Albuquerque New Mexico?

The web address of the New Mexico Holocoust And Intolerence Museum is:

How common is being lactose in tolerant?

It is coming to be more common, I was once but I got healed from it.

How much sugar is in lactose?

Sugar as a general term means cane sugar which is absent in lactose but lactose is also a disacharide sugar found in milk , its common name is milk sugar.

What is the phone number of the New Mexico Holocoust And Intolerence Museum in Albuquerque New Mexico?

The phone number of the New Mexico Holocoust And Intolerence Museum is: 505-247-0606.

What is lactose intolerence?

General meaning:Lactose intolerance is results of an inability to digest or to metabolize lactose.due to missing or defective enzymes (inborn error of metabolism)Flow:ingested milk productsbuildup of dissacharides because deficiency of lactase in the intestinal, lactose cant be degraded to galactose and glucosecant be absorbed in to the bloodstream from the villilactose will accumulatedproducing H2, CO2 and organic acids.digestive problems: bloating and diarrheaNote that the common definition for "lactose intolerance" excludes infants. Virtually all human infants (indeed all mammal infants) are able to digest lactose, as it is a key ingredient in gaining sustenance from their mother. Infants not able to digest lactose are much more rare (and is a serious condition).Normally, mammals lose the ability to digest lactose shortly after entering childhood (in humans, somewhere between 3 and 5). However, a mutation in certain human populations somewhere around 20,000 BCE enabled those people to continue to consume milk for their entire life. So, in reality, "lactose tolerance" is the genetic aberration (though, a beneficial one).

What is intolerence?

No respect for differences or beliefs of others. Unable to continue.

What problems did the separatists face in England?

they suffered intolerence from the curch

What happens if lactose intolerant children eat dairy?

Children or adults who are lactose intolerant do not have the necessary digestive enzymes to properly break down and absorb lactose, which is milk sugar. If they consume dairy products, they may become quite ill with abdominal pain, cramping and often severe diarrhea.

Where is the New Mexico Holocoust And Intolerence Museum in Albuquerque New Mexico located?

The address of the New Mexico Holocoust And Intolerence Museum is: 415 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

What are the examples of disaccharide?

sucrose (common sugar), lactose, lactulose, trehalose, maltose, and cellobiose are common disaccharides.

What is the most common form of glucose in humans?

I guess you mean by the most common form of sugar, and that is it, then it will be Lactose