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The J.C. Higgins line of shotguns is quite common. They were distributed a lot by mail order catalog companies like Sears & Roebuck, Montgomery Ward, etc. They were also made in 20, 16, & 12 gauge models. Not a real expensive piece, but fun to play around with nevertheless.

CorrectionThe JC Higgins line of shotguns was solely retailed by Sears. That was a brand name specific to them and never used by Western Auto, Montgomery Wards, etc. The shotgun referred to in the question was actually manufactured by Savage/Stevens and that particular model was not sold by Sears in anything other than .410. The larger gauge bolt-action shotguns sold under the JC Higgins brand are typically High Standard Model 10 or 11.

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Q: How common is the Higgins 410 tube fed bolt action shotgun?
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