How cool is Asia?

Asia was a girl in her teens, she had an older brother and two younger sisters and they would always at some point be mad at eachother. She liked a guy that started with a g or someone else that started with a j. But right now that doesn't matter right now.
She had so many friends and she was obviously asian. Now you would wonder why would someone write this. It was because we know that her future will be famous. Not only knowing what to expect but right now she doesn't know what to expect. Somewhere in the United States people say that's where they know thats where she is. Somewhere there is a book. ANCIENT!!!! That books says that she is a princess of Germany and her older brother is a prince. Her brother has a crew with his friends and they bboy (breakdancing) which is cool but at the same time you could get hurt. Now you would ask yourself why would they totally switch people. Because we don't know the exact future but we know he is part of it too.