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Perhaps Gandhi would publicize the gross social injustices that are at the root of the desperation which causes people to consider suicide bombings.

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Q: How could Gandhi stop people from using suicide bombings as a tool for social change?
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Who was behind the October 25 2009 suicide car bombings in Baghdad that killed over 100 people?

George Bush

Why is it bad to be killed for your religion?

It is bad to do suicide bombings, because it harms innocent people for no reason other than that the people doing it want to hurt people.

How many were killed in London bombing?

52 people were killed in the bombings in London including the 4 suicide bombers. 700+ were injured. :o

How did Gandhi change peoples life?

he tought people how to change in peace not war

How did airplanes change warfare?

It allowed people to fly on reconnisence and allowed bombings of small sorts.

What did Mohandas Gandhi do to change people lives?

well ..... Gandhi was an independ person who was changing some peoples lives and he did what was right for people he was in India

What did Gandhi try to change for the Indian people?

gandhi tried to help indians free from the british rule in a non violent way.

How do Muslims rationalize suicide bombings?

My opinion as an American Muslim... The suicide bombings that are done by these corrupted people is not jihad nor honorable nor allowed. If you are to fight you will fight your enemy not your own people. If your to fight you will fight smartly not by giving your life. Suicide in Islam is considered a BLASPHEMY. These so called Muslims kill themselves and kill many innocents with them. You call this jihad or honorable or normal? Never in all history of Islam has a prophet in Islam ever killed himself even when they were outnumbered.

Why did Mohandas Gandhi change his name?

He did not change his name. He was called that by the people because Mahatma is sanskrit for Great Soul and Gandhi helped India struggle for independence from Britain which meant he had great soul.

What was Gandhi's central belief and values?

Change through peaceful non violent means. Gandhi was a pacifist and 100% believed that the people would effect change through peaceful protest and patience

Where did the Indian bombings hit?

they hit people ..........................................

How did rajiv Gandhi die?

Rajiv Gandhi (1944-1991) was the 6th prime minister of India, and the son of the 3rd prime minister Indira Gandhi, who he succeeded after her assassination in 1984. Rajiv was himself assassinated in 1991 by a woman suicide bomber, the explosion killing 14 other people as well. *Indira Gandhi was not related to the famous Mohandas Gandhi, but was the daughter of the 1st prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.

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