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My opinion as an American Muslim... The suicide bombings that are done by these corrupted people is not jihad nor honorable nor allowed. If you are to fight you will fight your enemy not your own people. If your to fight you will fight smartly not by giving your life. Suicide in Islam is considered a BLASPHEMY. These so called Muslims kill themselves and kill many innocents with them. You call this jihad or honorable or normal? Never in all history of Islam has a prophet in Islam ever killed himself even when they were outnumbered.

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Q: How do Muslims rationalize suicide bombings?
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not sure but i assume before the suicide bombings.

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Muslims never had power, in fact, there are no more Muslims left... They went extinct after the all committed suicide bombings, respectively.

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360,000,000 Muslims supported the 9/11 attack and suicide bombings in a poll of 24% of Muslims around the world </quote> According to...what? Where was this poll taken? Who surveyed these people?

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It is not acceptable under any conditions what-so-ever.

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suicide bombings & goat sacrifice

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Suicide is a personal matter which has nothing to do with religion. Islam does not condone suicide .

Do Muslims commit suicide?

Suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam.

How could Gandhi stop people from using suicide bombings as a tool for social change?

Perhaps Gandhi would publicize the gross social injustices that are at the root of the desperation which causes people to consider suicide bombings.

How many deaths were caused by the Iraq war? says about 100,000 which includes suicide bombings, assassinations, car bombings and from American military action.

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No, suicide is completely forbidden to Muslims and they shall not get to heaven no matter why they commit suicide. This is found in many places in both Qu'ran and Hadith.

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Mohammed M. Hafez has written: 'Suicide bombers in Iraq' -- subject(s): Islam, Martyrdom, Insurgency, Terrorism, Suicide bombings, Suicide bombers

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