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How could a coin be graded?

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Grading of circulated coins Good - A heavily worn coin with design visible, though flat in most areas. Very Good - Well worn, though design and main features are reasonably clear. Fine - The highest points of the design and lettering show some smooth wear. Fine scratches maybe seen in the field and on the design. The rim border is also smooth in some parts. Very Fine - The design and lettering is clearly defined, but some slight wear is evident on the high points of the design and rim border. A few minor scratches may be seen. Extremely Fine - Little wear is evident on the high points of design and lettering. All fine detail can be seen and a few fine scratches may be found from rough handling in modern minting processes. Some mint bloom or lustre may be seen.

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How do you get a coin graded?

The most expeditious way to get a coin graded is to locate a coin shop nearby - present the coin to the owner for grading. If he/she is uncomfortable to do so, he/she will refer you to a numismatist (experienced coin collector).

How do you grade the condution of a coin?

SIMPLE ANSWER: Circulated coins are graded by how much wear the coin shows. Mint State coins are graded by how well the coin is stuck.

How do you know if a coin is an MS60?

To get that specific of a grade on a coin, it would need to be professionally graded though a service like PGCS, though a coin dealer in a shop could give an approximate grade.

What is value of US 1826 50 cent coin?

could be $50, or could be $50,000. It all depends on its condition. Coins are graded on a scale of 1 (very worn) to - 70 (perfect mint state). There are coin grading services that can help like PCGS, and NGC. If it has little or no wear its worth getting it graded.

How are us coins graded?

US coins are usually graded on the Sheldon scale. The Sheldon scale grades coins from 1-70. A coin graded 1 is very, very, poor and is basically only identifyable by the size of the coin. A coin graded 70 is perfect with no defects at all. Most coins grade somewhere in between the two extremes.

What is the value of a 1923 uncirculated peace silver dollar MS-60 with a certificate of authenticity?

In a case like this, it really helps to identify who graded the coin, if the coin came with a "certificate of authenticity" it raises red flags for a coin collector because it sounds like you bought the coin off of TV or by a shady dealer. If the coin was graded by a reputable dealer like PCGS or NCG, you might have a coin worth about $50 or so. If your coin was self-graded by the dealer or graded by a no-name grading company, you might only have a coin worth a bit more than melt because those tend to overgrade, and you might only have an AU coin, not a MS coin. Without knowing who graded it or seeing it in hand, it is hard to tell what exactly it is worth.

What does Slabbed mean when referring to coins?

A slabbed coin is a coin that was graded by a grading service. There are many grading services out there. You can use google to find some of them. Having a coin graded can give you the exact value and therefore is easier to determine its value.

What does raw grade mean in coins?

Raw refers to a coin that isn't sold in a case. Higher end coins are usually encapsulated and graded by a coin grading company such as PGS. A raw coin however isn't. Some people may try to assign numeric grades to a raw coin, however until it is graded by a reputable grading company, that number is only a rough estimate and most likely is going to be different than the coin if graded by a grading company.

What is more valuable MS 70 Coin or PR 70 Coin when Grading?

It depends on what type of coin, year struck, how many have been certified and who graded it. Just because a coin has been graded as a perfect Proof or Mint State example does not mean one type is more valuable than the other.

What does the term PR mean in coins?

PR is used in terms of grading coins to designate that the coin is proof. For example, a perfect proof coin would be graded as PR-70. A nearly perfect proof coin might be graded PR-68 or PR-69, etc.

How are sliver coins graded?

Simple answer: All coins are graded by the same scale. Circulated coins by how much wear the coin has. Uncirculated coins by how well the coins are struck.

What is a 1907 2.5 dollar liberty head gold coin in very good condition worth?

depends on how the coin is graded....first you need to ensure its authentic...second you need to take it to a reputable coin dealer or one of the many third party coin grading services for grading....such as PCGS or ANAC.....then an accurate assessment of the value of the coin can be made..a proof coin can be worth $3k or more while a mint state graded coin can be worth $250 or more.....again..all depending on the grade given the coin

What does Coin US specialize in?

Coin USA specializes in rare and unique currency from the United States. They can grade a coin and put a value on what it is worth. Coins graded the highest are worth the most.

Where can you get your coins graded?

Getting an official grade for your coin is expensive. There are two companies that will grade coins - PCGS and NGC. Also, you can learn to do it yourself, but the grading will be unofficial.

1828 one cent coin?

Most coins of this date show very heavy wear and are valued at $25.00-$50.00 depending on the grade of the coin. Values do go up for the higher graded circulated coins. I suggest having it graded for a better idea of value.

What does icg ms70 stand for with coins?

ICG stands for the company that graded the coin: Independent Coin Graders, MS 70 stands for Mint State 70, the highest possible grade for the coin. It means that such a coin was found to be flawless with the coin grading company.

What is the value of a Cheerios Sacajawea dollar coin?

It depends upon the grade of the coin. Recently an MS66 sold for $23,000.00. This is encouraging for because I have an MS67 graded by NGC.

How much is a us 1938 year to remember coin set worth?

Each coin would have to be seen and graded for a value. The set was not produced by the U.S. Mint.

How do you know what your obsolete coins of yesteryear are worth?

Each coin would have to be seen and graded by a collector or dealer.

What is a the value of a 1970 S double die cent?

About $15. Certified graded coin have a higher value.

What is the value of a 1828 one cent coin?

Most coins of this date show very heavy wear and are valued at $25.00-$50.00 depending on the grade of the coin. Values do go up for the higher graded circulated coins I suggest having it graded for a better idea of value.

What is the value a 1942 one cent Lincoln America coin?

The value of a 1942 one cent Lincoln American coin can vary depending on the mint, the condition, and the rarity of the coin. For an exact value, a person should have the coin graded by a professional.

What is the value of a 1924 Canadian nickel?

It all matters on the quality of the coin. In order for your coin to be legitimately graded, you must first take it to a registered dealer and then you will be able to get it appraised

What is the current value of 2000 silver eagle millennium set coin graded MS70 by ngc?

Numismedia currently values this coin at $1380 for the Silver Eagle in MS70.

What silver peace dollar is the most valuable?

SIMPLE ANSWER: The 1928 Philadelphia issue (no mintmark) coin. Average retail value is $275.00 for a coin graded G-4.