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swlow the tam bane

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Q: How could a person with quadriplegia require modification to his workstation so that he can utilize his laptop in an easier way?
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What is the most popular modification older adults utilize in their home?

to add brighter light bulbs

How much assembly is required, if any?

Yes this unit does require assembly and most stores have an assembly provider for you to utilize.

Where is the timing belt located on a 2006 Chevy Cobalt?

It does not have a belt is has a chain. There is no timing belt on the cobalt. They utilize a timing chain that does not require service

Does chloroplasts utilize oxygen?

No,they do not utilize O2.They utilize CO2.

What is the part of speech for utilize?

Utilize is a verb.

Utilize in a sentence?

We talked about how to best utilize the extra bedroom in our home. How will you utilize the extra space in the basement? How can our school best utilize the grant money?

Do all living things utilize oxygen?

Animals require oxygen directly for respiration, to convert fuels in their bodies into energy via a reaction which involves oxygen. Plants and other lifeforms require oxygen indirectly as a component of many chemicals which make up their cellular structure and the compounds they use to create energy from.

How would you use utilize in a sentence?

"Utilize your pencil and write down the answer!" Is one way to utilize the word "utilize". Also, using the word "Use" or "Using" is a better word than "Utilize".Utilize means "to make use of", so you could say: "During the SATs, I utilize my time well by double-checking my answers."

Which of the following calculations require that you utilize the addition rule?

Calculate the probability of a child having either sickle-cell anemia or cystic fibrosis if parents are each heterozygous for both.

Can you put the word utilize in a sentence?

Sure! Here's a sentence using the word "utilize": "Employees are encouraged to utilize the new software to improve efficiency in the workplace."

What motors does not utilize electrical conductors in its rotating component A synchronous B wound rotor C universal D squirrel cage-induction?

All motors require electrical conductors in their rotor!

Does anyone have a north face coupon they could send me?

Online coupon retailers offer coupon codes and printable coupons that don't require shipping directly from them. Printable coupons for North Face only require than you have internet access and a printer available in order to utilize them properly.