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Cause fuel burns hot, and hot things heat things.

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Q: How could fossil fuels have an affect on the temperature of the planet?
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How does temperature's affect life on planets?

Yes, the planets temperatures do have something to do with the life that exists on the planet because mostly Uranus's temperature is -210 °C. In this type of weather the life that could exist has to be a fur covered species so that it can survive the temperature conditions on the planet.

Can life live on goldilocks planet?

Potentially. A Goldilocks planet is a planet that orbits in its star's habitable zone, meaning it is at the right distance that temperatures could support liquid water. This does not necessarily mean that the planet is in that temperature range, as temperature also depends on the composition and density of the planet's atmosphere and even how light or dark the planet's surface is. Even if temperatures are in the right range, that still does not guarantee that the planet could support life.

Three factors that affect the temperature?

Amount of sun, amount of clouds and amount of moisture in the air are 3 examples of things that could affect temperature.

Is water temperature could affect the reaction of table salt?


Could people survive on the planet Venus?

No the surface temperature is above 400oC and the air is unbreathable.

What are the benefits and limitations of fossil fuels?

Benefits: Mostly everything we use in the world needs fossil fuels. Gasoline for cars, energy for light, etc. The world has used it for many years and is still using it.Limitations: Fossil fuels will run out eventually, so if we do not start using renewable energy we could be in BIG trouble! Fossil fuels also harm the planet. It adds too much carbon dioxide to the ozone. Fossil fuels also harm the plants and animals in the planet too.

What are 3 possible variables that could affect the water temperature in a pool?

Ambient temperature and seasonality Exposure (direct sunlight) Wind

How does the magnitude of the velocity affect a planet's orbit?

well its because the orbit is really big and it could cover everything..

How do eclipse affect the livelihood?

i think, also at the time, day, temperature. i could im correct :-)

How does currents wind and how far from the equator you are affect climate?

High temperature is the maximum temperature that could eb reached for the day and the low temperature the average lowest temperature that is likely fo the day

What is endothermic use in a sentence?

Endothermic means a temperature under a surface and is used in a number of instances, most notably medicine where it is used to describe a temperature under the skin, and geology where it can be used to describe the temperature under the suface of a planet, therefore a use of endothermic in a sentence could be;"The endothermic temperature of the planet was greater than that of it's surface."

Which planet's temperature ranges from -13c to 37c?

I'm not exactly sure, but it could be Pluto. Like I said, not completely sure if I'm correct.