How could you check to see if a user account is already present on a Linux system?


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$ cat /etc/passwd | grep username

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The root account is the administrative account on Linux; this account has control over everything in the system.

Linux is an operating system for the computer. You can purchase computers that already have Linux pre-installed on the computer. Select Dell computers come equipped with Linux.

Yes Ubuntu-linux offers the "install along side windows" option.

Android is a Linux based operating system means you are already running Linux over your smart device ! And you can switch Android with some other Linux version !

Linux is a stable operating system for using free office software such as LibreOffice. Many varieties of Linux already have LibreOffice installed by default.

Yes. Linux can either replace the existing system or be installed alongside it in what is called "dual-booting."

GCC is already for the most part preinstalled in many, if not all, GNU/Linux distributions.

It is difficult to measure, but most experts agree that Linux is quickly expanding on the desktop market. On other markets Linux has already had a pretty strong presence, in many it already is the dominant operating system (Servers, Cluster/Farm Computing, Supercomputers.).

By partitioning space for Linux and installing it there, and usually let Linux install its own bootloader. Don't worry, virtually every Linux distribution's bootloader can find Windows fine, but Windows' boot loader won't go the other way.

The root account is a built-in account with administrative priviledges in Linux. An admin user is usually a different account with priviledges to do certain administrative tasks. The admin user account is not a built-in account and must be added and managed appropriately. The root account comes with the system.

System software. In fact, Linux itself is *the* system software: The kernel of a Linux distribution and the central software of the Linux operating system.

The superuser is an account which has the ability to do most or all possible tasks on the system (aka they can do "anything").

To create a new user account under any Linux distribution use command called useradd. The system administrator is responsible for creating account. Login as root user (or use sudo command).

For the most part, every Unix-based and Unix-like (and by extension, Linux) distribution will have a root account (equivalent to a system administrator account in Windows). The remaining accounts will be allocated for the users and for certain applications.

This is generally not necessary. Unlike in Windows, most Linux systems have all the drivers they need already present. This means if your card is not supported out of the box, there is either no driver for it at all, or it is in development and would probably not work correctly anyway. In short: you don't.

Yes. Linux is a computer operating system.

Linux is an open system, Unix is not.

Root is the super user with unrestricted privileges on the system. Similar to the "Administrator" account in Windows.

Colloquially speaking, "Linux" refers to the operating system distribution that includes the Linux kernel.

Linux is an operating system.

A Linux system administrator can verify that the Linux system is forwaring IPV4 packets by querying the sysctl kernel to see if forwarding is enabled.

With most Unix-derived systems, "root" is the super-user account.

Probably most you heard about: Ubuntu Linux Mint Fedora OpenSuSe Besides, Linux already is viable for usage on desktop computers, it just lacks games and some specific software.

The first file system Linux supported was the MINIX file system.

There are many files and file types on the Linux system

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