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stay away from sulphite and sulphates which commonly excist in pop,chips and alsorts of prepared food (canned ,preserved foods)and do not take steroid filled pufers. Convert to organics and raw food diets.

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Q: How could you keep from getting asthma?
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Can you die from having an asthma attack?

Yes, because it can keep you from getting air. If you don't have air, you die.

What happens if asthma does not get treated?

You could have an asthma attack and not have an inhaler.

How can you avoid getting asthma?

by getting away from people who smoke

How do you prevent children from getting asthma?

Children can prevent getting asthma by drinking plenty of apple juice. British scientists have discovered that if a child drink plenty of apple juice it can prevent a him/her from getting asthma. Until the exact cause of asthma is discovered, there can be no cure or method of prevention. There are probably some studies that show certain things that are linked to asthma or to the lack of instances of asthma, but they don't prove that asthma is prevented or cured by them, only that there seems to be some relation between asthma and certain other things. Those relationships could just as easily be coincidences as anything else, so they just mean that they warrant further studies.

Why could mango cause asthma?

Mangos are allergenic and could cause reactions similar to asthma.

Is wheezing an asthma symptom?

Yes it is. People with asthma often week and that is something that they can use their inhaler to help control and/ or relieve. Keep in mind that if you dont have asthma, wheezing could be caused by something else abd you should contact your doctor.

What is the ratio for getting asthma?

its 1:1

How do you prevent from getting worse of asthma?

Take your asthma seriously. You need to keep taking your medication (asthma pump/tablets/whatever you have been given for it) and you need to have a healthy diet and you defiantly need to keep active. Try not to rely on your inhaler too much as you will probably get too dependent on it and you wont get any better. Love, lozziemacozzie ♥

Does any asthma treatment cure the disease?

There are no asthma treatments that will cure asthma. Researchers are still working on it, but it can keep your asthma at bay for a short period of time where you don't have asthma attacks as often.

Tips on how to control your asthma?

It depends on what kind of asthma you have the best way to keep asthma down is basically to not over work your self in GYM or by runing to much as it can make it worse for you and to talk to your doctor about how your asthma is being and if its getting worse talk your doctor on how to make it better and if your doctor docent know much about it it best to change doctors as it best to have one that trained in the area of asthma

Why do you keep getting dizzy?

Could be ear infection

What factors increase the risk of developing asthma?

If a close relative has asthma,hayfever or ezcema you could suffer from asthma

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