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Child support is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. It may be discharged for a number of other reasons: child deceased; child emancipated, etc.

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Q: How could you receive a discharge notice for child support if child support is not dischargeable?
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You received a final decree from a bankruptcy what comes next?

You don't receive a "final decree" in bankruptcy court. For a c. 7 you first get an Order of Discharge, which discharges all dischargeable debts. Then you get a notice that your case was closed. For a Chapter 13, the C. 13 Trustee must first file a report that the plan has been completed. In many courts you must then file a motion for discharge, also certifying whether you are paying any child support. Then you get your order of discharge and, later, notice of case closed.

How do you get a discharge notice?

How to get a discharge notice varies based on what kind of discharge. If you need a copy of the hospital discharge notice, you can simply call the hospital and ask for your records. If speaking of bankruptcy discharge notice, you will want to contact the clerk of the bankruptcy court that entered the order. There will be a fee for searching the court records, and may also be additional fees for making and certifying copies.

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Can a person sue you after you have filed bankruptcy?

Yes, if the lawsuit is based on actions that occured after the bk filing. You can also be sued for pre-petition actions if you had assets and the creditor didnt receive notice of the bk filing. For some criminal activity (drunk driving or intentional torts) damages for such crimes are not dischargeable.

My husand receive a letter from child support. it states a court date for a notice of lack of prosecution and notice of hearing on motion to dismiss for lack of prosecution?

If a person receives 2 court papers for dismissal for lack of prosectution in regards for child support. Is there a time period that person has to reopen the case

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Will a closed credit card account receive notice of a bankruptcy filing?

Only those creditors you list on your bankruptcy schedules / creditor matrix (list) will receive actual notice.

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