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A girl will always talk about him and stares at him or looking for him

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its harder for a boy to tell if a girl likes him

how can you tell if a boy is flirting with a girl and also likes her to an extent?

Walk up to the boy and tell him or slip himm a note.

Have your best friend ask his best friend if he likes you. Or you could just ask him yourself.

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

Are you a boy or girl? tell them .... "trust me im not your type"

you could hang around him and see what he likes in a girl then be the type of girl he likes

You just act normal and tell her. Good Luck!!!

Well tell that boy that you like him and ask the girl that he likes if she likes him, if she says no than he is all yours!

if they are picking on you that means he or she likes you or if they tell you

they hurt you or be nice to you or they stare at you (creepy)

if your friend is a girl and your a boy you tell them that you know someone likes likes you and she asks who say "i cant tell you." and then the next day tell her you like her. if your a girl telling a boy that same thing. if your a girl taking to a girl tell them you are like a sister or brother to each other or something like that

If you compliment her and you walk away. Then if she follows you to tell you somthing, she likes you.

you could tell that a boy likes you when he makes you laugh being rude or just starring at you all the time!

tell him that you dont really like him

There are a few ways you can tell if a rabbit is a boy or a girl. You could ask the vet for example.

There are various tests to put a boy through to find out if he likes you or not. I am a boy myself and would recomend becoming his friend and finding out what he likes in a girl. Or you could try talking to some of his friends and finding who he likes. But choose carefully what friend you ask because his friend might tell him.

tell him that she likes the boy and if the boy disagrees, then try to come back with a funny joke. If he agrees, then just go on and eventually ask you out.

You can't tell if a boy likes you if he doesn't show it. You might have to ask him. Or, you could ask your friend to ask his friend if he likes you - that sometimes works.

When a girl looks at u and starts giggling or blushing.

How can you tell when a boy likes you the most when he likes other girls to?

you can tell by that girl staring at you in class and also if your sneaky send one of your friends to spy on them or just come clean and tell them. YOU CHOSE!P.S how do you know if a boy likes youP.P.S. don't think im a boy because im a girl

If someone likes you they will spend time with you, laugh at your jokes, smile with you, talk to you, look at you when they could be doing something else. It doesn't matter who you are, you can always tell if someone likes you.