If you have a friend that has a boyfriend and another girl likes her boyfriend what do you do?


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if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

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She likes you and that other guy and her boyfriend but does not know who she likes best.

If your girl friend cheats on you then the guy has to dump her after he finds out who it is. But she cheats on a girl then theres a problem. And if your boyfriend cheats on you or is crushing on another girl just dump him but ask him if he likes another girl first instead of dumping him if you do not know.

tell him, What are you doing with her! I thought you were my boyfriend!

If he's just a friend to you now, then you don't want him back.

maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend

You shouldn't be trying to go out with a girl that already has a boyfriend. You have to respect the fact that she is with another guy and respect him and her. You can be her friend and that's it. If she knows that you like her and she likes you back she should know what to do, if she wants to be with you or her boyfriend.

If he love you,he will give you chance.You can do something to him!

Hello all, If you need any advice on how you know if a girl likes you if the girl has a boyfriend just send me a friend request on facebook (Emily Rigby) and ill tell you everything you need to do Thank you

If your friend is working with another girl to try and break you and your boyfriend up, she is not your friend. The best thing to do is make your boyfriend aware of their game and ignore them both.

don't be paranoid, what if he had a good Friend that was a girl before you were dating. Does that mean that he shouldn't talk to her at all? NO!! If he likes you or has any character at all he wont cheat

then she doesnt like you, maybe she jsut likes you as a friend not as a boyfriend

Then be suspicious. He may have another girl friend.

His Behavior and actions around the girl.Ex: If he always talks on his phone soft near you he cheating.

I would confront the girl or warn your boyfriend

You no how by watching what they do. The girl probably likes the best-friend more because she wants to make you mad and date your best fiend. Your Welcome.

it just means that she likes you, and is apparently pretty comfertable around you. use your judgment to see if she likes you as in a boyfriend or as a friend...

If u like a girl who already has a boyfriend but you dont know if she likes you or know,the first thing you have to do is that you will have to make friendship with that girl and if she is already your friend,then increase your friendship and one day confidently ask her that what does she feel about you..

if your friend is a boy: say ok...who likes me if your friend is a girl: ask her if it's her

you slap him across the face. I hope that helps :D

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