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How created Google Chrome?


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Google Chrome was created by the developers of Google. They made Chrome in order to make a stable browser.

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Google Chrome Frame was created on 2009-09-22.

Google Chrome was created by Google Inc., the company which runs Google Search as well as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps etc.

Google Chrome was publicly released on December 11, 2008

Google Chrome wasn't actually created by anyone. It was founded by the google team, whose founders were Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Start > Google Chrome > Google Chrome

Google is not a software but is a website. It has created software like Google Chrome,

No, you can download Google Chrome from Google.

Google Chrome is a web browser created by Google. It was created with speed and security in mind. Google also tried to focus on the web itself, not content, when it created the browser so the Chrome UI takes up very little space.

No you don't need a google account to have google chrome

Google Chrome allows you to browse the Internet fast.You can customize the appearance of Google Chrome.Google Chrome is secure and lets you browse the Internet securely.

Google Chrome can be downloaded via the official website of Chrome. You can type Google Chrome on Google and get the first website.

Google is a website and Chrome is a browser. You can search items through Google but URL through Chrome.

Google is the manufacturer of Google Chrome. Larry Page is CEO of Google.

Google Chrome is a web browser, while Google is a search engine. You can continue using Google while using Google Chrome.

You can download Google Chrome here:

No i have Safari but google chrome is pretty good.

Google Chrome does not cost to download it. Some of the extensions of Google Chrome cost money.

Google has the copyright to create the Chrome. The developers of Chrome worked in Google to develop the browsers.

Google Mail works on both safari and Chrome. Chrome is a Google Product so it must run on chrome.

Google Chrome is best downloaded from their official website. You can type Google Chrome into the Google search to get the website.

You can add apps on Google Chrome via Chrome store. It is a collection of applications of chrome.

Grooveshark does not work on Google Chrome because it has not met the technological advances that Google chrome has updated to require. Google chrome recently upgraded from 8.0 to 8.2

Google is a Search Engine Google Chrome is a Web Browser Not Comparable

Google Chrome is a web browser, an application. You cant make Google Chrome your home page.

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