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if they didn't not enough would survive into adulthood and the species would have died out.

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Q: How crocodiles are good mothers?
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When do crocodiles abandon their young?

crocodiles abandoned there young once they have hatched and there mothers have carried them into the water

Why are crocodiles good pets?

Crocodiles are not good pets, reptiles generally aren't. Crocodiles are not truly domesticated and an adult crocodile can easily kill a human.

How are baby crocodiles protected?

They are mostly protected by their mothers. Otherwise, the are protected by a wildlife service I'm sure.

Do crocodiles have a good sense of smell?

It has a sharp sense of touch, smell, and taste.

When was Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers created?

Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers was created in 1980.

How good is a crocodileS eyesight?

Crocodiles can see at almost a 180 degree angle but cant see anything below there nose.

Which reptiles are not oviparous?

All reptiles use eggs, but a few snakes, crocodiles and lizards hatch their eggs in the mothers' bodies and come out fully hatched.

Why are crocodiles good parents?

They are not good parents. The eggs hatch and the babies are on their own .

Are Jewish mothers good mothers?

Absolutely! They teach the same life lessons and values other mothers do.

How long do crocodiles stay in the mothers stomach?

Crocadilles lay eggs so the time the fertilized egg is actually in the crocodile is at most only ten days.

Working women are good mothers why?

Not all women are good mothers. Being a working woman doesn't affect how good a mother one is.

Do you capitalize the word get in a title such as Why Mothers Get Gray?

Why Mothers Get Gray? sounds good J