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They Sting, they hurt, and they cause a welt, but will not kill you under normal circumstances.

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Q: How dangerous is a air soft bb gun?
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Which is more dangerious air soft gun or bb gun?

A BB gun has a very hard projectile and will cause more damage to a person than an air soft pellet.

Does a air soft gun hurt worser than a bb gun?


Can a bb gun shoot air soft bullets?

Not normally. BB are 177 cal, air soft is 6mm

What is better a b b gun or an air gun?

A BB gun is an Air Gun. Now if you are asking is a BB gun better than an "Air Soft" gun that is different. As for better, well it all depends on what you want it for. A BB gun will do more damage than an Air Soft gun. But that doesn't make it better. basically an air gun has hollow pellets to a bb gun a bb gun has metal balls so they are basically the same gun but with different types of bullets

Is a colt.25 bb gun good?

Colt makes a 1911-A1 Pellet gun made by Umarex. I know of no BB gun unless you are asking about an Air Soft gun. The Pellet gun is very good. I can not answer about an Air soft gun.

Which is more dangerous-air rifle or BB gun?

Both can kill you.

How do you unclog a m4 soft air bb gun?

Needs to be sent in for repair.

Does Daisy Airstrike 240 Soft Air BB Gun have kickback?


Would a BB gun or a air soft gun kill a zombie faster?

Neither. Zombies are NOT real

Is a 230 fps BB gun powerful?

For a air soft BB gun it's okay not powerful. For a regular BB gun "NO" that is not powerful at all. A Daisy Red Ryder BB rifle will fire around 325 FPS most new pellet Air Rifles will fire at least 1,000 FPS. A really good Air soft rifle will get around 500 FPS.

Which is faster BB gun or air soft gun?

In most cases it will be a BB gun. But Pellet guns exceed both the BB and the airsoft guns. Pellet guns can attain speeds over 1200 FPS.

Can BB guns fire airsoft pellets?

A regular BB gun can not shoot air-soft pellets. BB guns shoot a .175 BB. Air guns shoot a much larger 6MM BB.