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Needs to be sent in for repair.

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Q: How do you unclog a m4 soft air bb gun?
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Which is more dangerious air soft gun or bb gun?

A BB gun has a very hard projectile and will cause more damage to a person than an air soft pellet.

Does a air soft gun hurt worser than a bb gun?


Can a bb gun shoot air soft bullets?

Not normally. BB are 177 cal, air soft is 6mm

What is better a b b gun or an air gun?

A BB gun is an Air Gun. Now if you are asking is a BB gun better than an "Air Soft" gun that is different. As for better, well it all depends on what you want it for. A BB gun will do more damage than an Air Soft gun. But that doesn't make it better. basically an air gun has hollow pellets to a bb gun a bb gun has metal balls so they are basically the same gun but with different types of bullets

Is a colt.25 bb gun good?

Colt makes a 1911-A1 Pellet gun made by Umarex. I know of no BB gun unless you are asking about an Air Soft gun. The Pellet gun is very good. I can not answer about an Air soft gun.

Does Daisy Airstrike 240 Soft Air BB Gun have kickback?


Would a BB gun or a air soft gun kill a zombie faster?

Neither. Zombies are NOT real

Is a 230 fps BB gun powerful?

For a air soft BB gun it's okay not powerful. For a regular BB gun "NO" that is not powerful at all. A Daisy Red Ryder BB rifle will fire around 325 FPS most new pellet Air Rifles will fire at least 1,000 FPS. A really good Air soft rifle will get around 500 FPS.

Which is faster BB gun or air soft gun?

In most cases it will be a BB gun. But Pellet guns exceed both the BB and the airsoft guns. Pellet guns can attain speeds over 1200 FPS.

Can BB guns fire airsoft pellets?

A regular BB gun can not shoot air-soft pellets. BB guns shoot a .175 BB. Air guns shoot a much larger 6MM BB.

Can you die if he get shot with a air gun?

If you are asking about Air Soft, then most likely not. But if you are asking about a BB or pellet gun then Yes it is possible depending on the power of the air gun and where you are struck.

What hurts more Nerf or air soft?

An air soft gun would hurt much more than a Nerf gun. A Nerf gun only shoots foam at an extremely slow speed but an air soft gun is pressurized and shoots bb's at a much faster speed.