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You really need to ask your doctor as s/he will have all the information about the type of hemorrhage.

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Q: How dangerous is a hemorrhage on the placenta while pregnant?
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Can you be allergic to the placenta when you are pregnant?

Yes you can be allergice to the placenta while being pregnant. Typically you will get a rash that starts on you stomach (waistband area) and it is called (PUPPS) Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. .

Can doctors tell if mother smoked while pregnant?

If she smoked regularly it usually shows in the placenta.

Is it dangerous for a guy to come in your vagina while your pregnant?

no, it is not dangerous in most cases

What is abruption placentae?

It is partial separation of the placenta in the uterus while you are pregnant. It can have mild to serious consequences on the pregnancy.

Can you have your period while pregnant?

normally, no. but if you notice any bleeding while you are pregnant you need to see your doctor or go to the hospital asap as this may be a sign of miscarriage or a low-lying placenta.

You had two abortions and when they performed the second one you started to hemorrhage what does this mean?

A hemorrhage is very heavy bleeding which is difficult to control. If you have an injury anywhere on your body and the bleeding cannot be controlled, that is called a hemorrhage. It is nothing to do with the fact it was your second abortion. Wmen can hemmorrhage while pregnant, in labor, and after the baby is born. You may hemorrhage with a miscarriage.

Why you should not smoke while your pregnant?

The chemicals caused by combustion are dangerous.

What are the risks of donating plasma while pregnant?

If your pregnant and the plasma center knows it, they wont allow you to donate plasma because the placenta is made up mostly of plasma

What does it mean if you have blood in your urine while pregnant?

See your doctor ASAP! If you have a bladder infection it can be very dangerous as pregnant.

Bleeding after intercourse while pregnant?

You should see a doctor about this to check for any problems. It is possible that the placenta is low-lying which can be serious.

Depression while pregnant?

Yes it's possible to be depressed while being pregnant. Talk to a doctor about it. It can be dangerous to let it go on without doing anything about it.

Is eating ginger while pregnant dangerous?

No, it is not dangerous... i have heard it from many people!!!! But i suggest you ask your doctor CALL NOW!!

Can you eat honey while pregnant?

Yes you can. It's not dangerous for a pregnant woman but it is for a baby so the baby can not have any when born.

What happens if you ejaculate inside her while she is pregnant?

Nothing. Conception has already occured. Consult with her/your doctor, but in normal, healthy adults, sex while pregnant is not harmful or dangerous.

Can you get pregnant while anorexic?

Yes, but it's EXTREMELY dangerous and you need to see a doctor!

Can you drink sodas while pregnant?

You can as long as it is decaffeinated (this goes for coffee and tea as well) because caffeine can constricts the blood flow to the placenta and the fetus.

Could you be pregnant if your period only last 3 days?

Sometimes, you CAN bleed while you are pregnant, but of course, it is not considered a period. I bled for first three months while I was pregnant, it is not dangerous or anything but what IS dangerous, is NOT knowing that you are pregnant because you are not eating like you should and you may be drinking and/or smoking. Go take a pregnancy test just in case :]

What are the differences and functions of placenta and umbillicle cord?

The nutrients of the baby is located at the placenta while the umbilical cord links the placenta and the baby.

Can you eat hot food while pregnant?

Yes you can. If you develop different likes and dislikes while pregnant some foods may taste bad to you that you usually enjoy, but hot foods aren't dangerous for pregnant women.

What happens if you get a tattoo while pregnant?

Getting a tattoo while pregnant can be very risky. The chemicals in the ink can affect your baby during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The chemicals can be dangerous to the fetus.

How is the placenta connected to the fetus?

the fetus is the baby and the placenta is how the baby gets nutrients or food while in the womb, there is a tube that connects from the placenta to the fetus bellybutton

What is the use of the placenta?

The placenta is what gives the baby blood, nutrients and oxygen from the mother while in the womb. Without the placenta, the baby would have no way of surviving.

If you use drugs a couple times while pregnant will the baby test positive?

Illegal drug use while pregnant can cause serious complications for the baby, including life threatening conditions. Smoking alone can shrink the blood vessels in the placenta and starve the baby of oxygen.

Can you take your regular medications while pregnant?

It can be dangerous to stop your regular medications while pregnant. You need to discuss with both your Ob/Gyn and your other doctors what you should do. In UK some doctors do special clinics for pregnant women, for example diabetics.

Can a woman have her menstrual period while pregnant?

No she cannot have her periods once she is pregnant.It is not possible to get a period while being pregnant. However, some women experience what is called "implantation bleeding" around 5 or 6 weeks into pregnancy which could be mistaken for a period. Other people may experience spotting during pregnancy if the have a condition called "placenta previa". That occurs when the placenta forms very close to or covers the cervix. If you have any type of bleeding during pregnancy it is best to call your doctor right you do not get your period while you are pregnate.