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It depends what the "moldy" was. If it was from an impure/unsanitary water source it could be potentially very dangerous as pathogens like to hide in the murk of water. You should go to the doctor and have blood tests run even if you feel fine, parasites can lurk around unnoticed for years!!

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โˆ™ 2009-01-29 23:17:02
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Q: How dangerous is drinking moldy water?
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Is drinking water dangerous to your health?

Under normal circumstances, drinking water is not dangerous to your health and is, indeed, beneficial to your health. However, if you drink an extremely excessive amount of water, that can harm your health or even kill you, and if the water you are drinking is contaminated with toxic pollutants or with germs, that too can be dangerous to your health.

Is it dangerous to eat moldy grapes?

I'm pretty syre you shouldn't eat moldy anything

How can drinking too much water be dangerous?

drinking too much water is dangerous because all this water is absorbed and as it is taken out of the system it carries useful nutrients and minerals, mainly salts, along.

Is taking diuretics and drinking chlorine water dangerous?


How dangerous is it to eat moldy bread if you are pregnant?

Moderately dangerous. Moldy bread can cause food poisoning which, in severe cases, can cause early termination of the pregnancy.

Is drinking water standing up bad?

Of course not. There is absolutely nothing wrong or dangerous with drinking water while standing up.

Why it is necessary to clean water before drinking?

in some countries there are people drinking lake water which can be dangerous for drinking it can cause dieseses like typhoid,indigestion etc

Is mold on yogurt dangerous?

Mold on yogurt could be dangerous. Discard the yogurt if it is moldy.

How dangerous is moldy peanut butter?

It depends upon the mold, so don't eat moldy peanut butter.

Could moldy water harm animals?

Yes never give your pet moldy water!!!!!!!

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No, drinking 2 gallons of water will not completely clean your system of weed. Also, drinking that much water can be dangerous.

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stilton is moldy u can eat that even though it tastes like crap i can ryme.

How dangerous is it for an infant to drink from a moldy container?

Yes, yes it is.

How dangerous is eating moldy grapes?

Moldy grapes is dangerous because it can cause sickness or allergic reactions. Molds that are found on grapes, grains and nuts can produce a toxin called mycotoxins.

Can drinking water too fast hurt you?

Drinking water too fast could make you choke or gag, and could cause a bloated feeling. Drinking too much water can lead to a dangerous fluid overload.

Does bleach water clean marijuana from system?

No, it does not. Drinking bleach is incredibly stupid and dangerous.

What suppresses the appetite?

Drinking water helps to suppress appetite but it's dangerous to over-do it

How dangerous is drinking moldy juice?

It depends on what kind of mold and whether you are allergic or not. I wouldn't recommend it, but I have done it before without any negative consequences other than psychological when I turned on the light and saw that it was moldy. If you start feeling really sick, or you are allergic to mold, I would recommend consulting a doctor.

How Dangerous is it to eat cheese?

not dangerous at all to eat cheese uless is moldy cheese it can make you very sick

Is it dangerous to eat moldy berries?

Yes. The only moldy food that is edible (and won't get you to the hospital faster than you can finish reading this sentence) is cheese.

Is it healthy to eat moldy bread?

No, its not healthy . Most fungi are dangerous for health .

Is drinking cold water while having food dangerous?

I wouldn't call it dangerous, your body needs both the water and the food. To the worst, you might upset your stomach for awhile.

Why is drinking large quantities of ocean water dangerous to the body?

Because sea water contains a high level of salt.

Is drinking from a garden hose dangerous?

no its still water but let it run a couple minutes first