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You make the hole extra wide. You make it deeper than the ball of earth that comes with the tree. You need to insert the tree and then be able to cover it with six inches of dirt. You will have to dig a hole and experiment, since we don't know the size of your tree or the size of the root ball.

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What type of plant is a oak tree?

A tree.

Is gulmohar oak a plant or tree?


How deep you plant a oak tree by seed?

2-4 inches below surface, roots faced down

What kingdom does an oak tree belong in?

As it is a plant, the oak tree belongs to the Kingdom Plantae.

How do you grow an acorn tree?

Plant an oak tree.

Is a oak tree a plant?


Does an oak tree have a cell wall?

All plant cells have cell walls, and all plants have plant cells, and an oak tree is a plant, so yes.

Is an oak tree a nonflowering plant?

no some oak trees have flowers on them

Is a oak tree a herbiver?

I believe the question to be, "Is an oak tree an herbivore?" The answer to this question is no, an oak tree is not an herbivore. Herbivores are animals that eat plants. An oak tree is a plant, not an animal, so therefore it can not be an herbivore.

What does a oak tree need to live?

An oak tree needs water and sun, like any plant.

Is an oak tree a C3 plant?


Common plant in Texas?

oak tree.

Is an oak tree a perennial plant?

Yes it is.

Is oak tree can make furnitures?

Yes oak tree is a timber producing plant and furniture can be made out of its wood.

Is an oak tree a vertebrate?

An oak tree is a member of the plant family. Therefore, it is neither a vertebrate, nor an invertebrate.

Is an oak tree a vascular plant?

i think its vascular

What happens if you plant an acorn?

A oak tree will grow

Is a oak tree a non vascular plant?


Relationship between spanish moss and oak tree?

They share an commensalism relationship where the moss benefits by making food on the host plant (oak tree) where the oak tree does not benefit at all.

What are examples of plant species?

grass, rose, oak tree

What kind of plant material is an oak tree made of?

Ummm oak perhaps?most likely oak and barkAnswerThe main material of the tree - wood - consists of mainly lignin and cellulose.

Where does a oak tree grow?

Once someone has oak tree seeds they can plant them anywhere. They are really everywhere! Mainly in parks, backgardens, forests, etc;

Is a cork a plant or animal cell?

Cork is a plant cell; it is the bark of the "cork oak" a type of oak tree that grows in Spain and similar climates.

How do grow a chinquapin oak tree from an acorn?

You plant the acorn and wait.

What is on a oak tree?

An oak tree is a tree