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Poison pill. He shot himself in the temple while simultaneously biting down on a potassium cyanide tablet. He wanted to make sure he wasn't found alive by the Russians.

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Q: How did Adolf Hitler commit suicide?
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What did Adolf Hitler do to commit suicide?

Shot himself

How many times did Adolf Hitler commit suicide?

He committed suicide once.

Why did Adolf Hitler commit suicide even thought he said only cowards commit suicide?

Because he was a coward.

What did Adolf Hitler use to commit suicide?

a gun and a capsule of cyanide.

Did adolf Hitler commit suicide before Germany surrendered?


On what date did Hitler commit suicide?

On Monday, April 30th, 1945, Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide.

Why does Montage wife committed suicide?

Because she did not want to get captured as Germany and Adolf Hitler had come down instead of the shameful humiliation she decided to commit suicide along with Adolf Hitler.

How many times did Adolf Hitler try to commit suicide?

Exactly 42 times.

Did Adolf Hitler commit suicide on D-DAY?

No, he did it when the Allies reached Berlin.

Did Adolf Hitler really commit suicide?

Yes. He'd gambled like crazy and lost.

Why did Adolf Hitler poison his wife?

Because she wanted to commit suicide with him, it is thought that she took the poison herself.

Did Adolf Hitler commit suicide or was he murdered?

Suicide in his Command Bunker in Berlin. He did this to avoid capture by the Soviet Army that was in the process of seizing Berlin.

How old was Adolf Hitler when he committed suicide?

Adolf Hitler was 56 years old when he committed suicide.

Did adolf hitler commit suicide before or after world war 2?

the war was still going on when he shot himself

Who did Hitler commit suicide with?

On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide with his wife of one day, Eva Braun. They both took cyanide pills, then Hitler shot himself in the right temple.

Did Adolf Hitler's wife commit suicide?

Eva Braun married Hitler on April 29th, 1945, and committed suicide with him the next day with a cyanide capsule.

Was Hitler assassinated or did he commit suicide?

He committed suicide.

Why Adolf Hitler suicide?

Adolf Hitler commited suicide because he lost the war and did not want to be taken alive. Adolf Hitler did not want to admit failure so he shot himself

What case should be impose to Adolf Hitler supposing he didn't commit suicide?

If Adolf Hitler had not committed suicide, he likely would have been tried firstly of genocide. Undoubtedly he would have also been tried for various other war crimes also.

Did Adolf Hitler commit suicide because he found out that he was a Jew?

The question assumes that Hitler was "Jewish" or at least of Jewish origin, but there is absolutely no evidence for this.Hitler committed suicide because the Allied Forces were closing in on Berlin and Hitler did not want to be taken prisoner.

How old did Adolf Hitler die?

Adolf Hitler committed suicide at age 55.

Did moussollini kill Adolf Hitler?

No, Hitler committed suicide.

Where did Adolf Hitler commit suicide?

it was said that he suicide himself in a under bunk in Berlin.== He was in his command bunker in the city of Berlin. The Russian army was advancing throught the streets of the city.

Was Adolf Hitler assassinated?

No, he committed suicide.

What city did Hitler commit suicide?

In Berlin.