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Q: How did Alexander Ross help end slavery?
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What inspired Americans to help end slavery?

It was an acknowledgement of the unfairness and inhumanity of slavery. They realized that it was antiquated and needed to end.

Why where the soldiers sent to the south?

To help end slavery

How did dred Scott help end slavery?

His case.

What president help end slavery?

Abraham Lincon

How did the north star help end slavery?

The North Star did not help end slavery, but it did help slaves escape. Escaping slaves in the U.S. had to reach the northern states where slavery was illegal. To find their way, they navigated using the north star and the Big Dipper, which points to it.

What did elizabeth cady Stanton do to help end slavery?


What did president have to say about the insititution of slavery?

He was not against nor for slavery. he would free the slaves if it helped end the war or not free the slaves to help end the war.

How did abolition help fight slavery?

Abolition-was the movement to end slavery, began in the late 1700s. By 1804, most of Northern states had outlawed slavery.

What does an abolitionist want to do?

they wanted to end slavery

What did Frederick Douglass do to stop slavery?

when did Frederick Douglass help end slaves

What were some methods abolitionist used to help end slavery?

Abolitionists used a variety of methods to help end slavery, including political lobbying, public speaking engagements, writing literature, organizing boycotts and protests, assisting with the Underground Railroad, and advocating for legal changes and societal shifts to end the practice of slavery.

How did Angelina and Sarah Grimke help end slavery?

Sarah and Angelina wrote a Antislavery pamphlet ans wrote the book American slavery as it is.