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At the beginning the President of the U.S., had the American people believing that they had to go to war in Vietnam. Why question it? Yes, it was communist. They sent thousands upon thousands of young men and women to Vietnam and each and everyone of them believed they were fighting a war to protect their country. Within time it became clear that Americans should not have entered into this war. John F. Kennedy was in the midst of ending the war and was assassinated and Lyndon B. Johnson took over. Instead of admitting to a war that should have never been entered into, he kept troops over in Vietnam and many more lives were lost. It is said that Lyndon B. Johnson had nightmares about his decision and made him a broken man. The Vietnam War was considered a black blotch on American History and many people just wanted to forget about it.

News from the U.S., didn't reach the troops in Vietnam quickly, and the troops were not aware of the demonstrations going on in their own country against the war. When word did get to the troops there were mixed feelings. Why wouldn't there be! These men were killing (when they really didn't want too) they also were being killed, tortured, maimed and they couldn't face the fact that this war was all for not and that their government would betray them. How do you explain seeing your buddy blown to bits, or how do you explain to yourself that you lost limbs over nothing. This doesn't even touch much of what these men went through .. there was shell shock, suicide, mental disorders from the horrors of this war, alcohol and drug abuse. Universities had sit-ins (anti war) but few really understood or cared what American troops were going through and the media was sure to let everyone know they were baby killers. These Vietnam Vets came back to utter chaos. Jobs were hard to find, they were spat at by many, but also had some sympathizers. Vietnam Vets not only came back with broken bodies, but broken minds and many committed suicide once back at home. They simply didn't fit in anymore. They had nightmares, night sweats, and they faced more people in their communities that had no idea what had happened in Vietnam than those that could understand. Vietnam Vets seemed to have a silent oath not to talk about Vietnam and few retained the friendships they made while over in Vietnam. There are still some groups that Vietnam Vets have created themselves so they can make sense of what they went through (if that is possible.)

This is the first war in the history of America that is not displayed in many war museums throughout the United States, but, that is changing. A life given for one's country (right or wrong) is a life to be honored!

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Q: How did Americans feel about the war in Vietnam?
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By 1967 how did Americans feel about the Vietnam war?

Most Americans were opposed to the Vietnam war by 1967. In the beginning most Americans supported going to war with Vietnam.

Did Americans feel about the Vietnam war while it was going on?

the felt they lost a lot of people in the war and they felt depress

How many Americans were wounded in the Vietnam war?

Around 300,000 Americans were wounded in the Vietnam war.

How did Americans feel about war with Mexico?

mad... it was a waste of our time and money (not like Vietnam though)

How did the Vietnam war affected Americans at home?

It affects the Americans at home deeply. for some, they have family fighting in the war and they miss them. and for others they just feel sad i guess...

How did Vietnam feel about the Vietnam war?

Which Vietnam? North or South?

How did America feel about the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam war was a war fought to help unify Vietnam and stop communism. Americans had differing views on the war. Some opposed and some were for it. In the beginning there were few protests. As time went on and more US soldiers were sent home in body bags more Americans began protesting.

The percentage of African Americans in the Vietnam war?

See: Statistics about the Vietnam War.

Why didn't many Americans support the Vietnam War?

Many Americans didn't support the Vietnam War because they didn't feel that America should have gotten involved. They did not believe that it was America's place to involve themselves in another countries issues.

What war did the Americans lose?

The Americans lost the Vietnam War (1954-1975).

What year did people get drafted for the Vietnam war?

Americans were drafted into the Vietnam War in 1965.

Were the Americans happy that you were involved in the Vietnam War?

No americans were not happy

How Long did the Vietnam War go on?

the Vietnam war against the Americans went for 20 years

How did the American feel about the Vietnam war?

A large number of Americans did not support the Vietnam war and actively protested against it. There were changing messages from the government regarding why American involvement was necessary and many people believed it was not.

What was Australia's history in the Vietnam war?

the aussies were alies and fought in the Vietnam war with the Americans. (and of course the South Vietnamese - the Americans were paticipants on their side).

Why did Americans no longer feel protected after the Vietnam war?

Because in the eyes of the world, the US knew it failed in Vietnam. After being victorious in WWII and then Korea, Vietnam shook up the confidence level somewhat.

What role did African-Americans have in the Vietnam War?

African-Americans made up 12.6% of the American soldiers in Vietnam in the Vietnam War. This was the highest proportion of African Americans to serve in an American war. Subsequently, African-American soldiers increased significantly by the end of the war.

Why did Americans fight the Vietnam war?

Part of the cold war.

Why did the Americans involove in the Vietnam war?

Part of the cold war.

How did the Americans show opposition to the Vietnam war?


Why did the Americans withdraw from the Vietnam war?

It was unwinnable.

When did Americans start Vietnam war?

in 1955

Why did the Americans make war with Vietnam?

The Americans did not make war with Vietnam. There was no Vietnam. There were two countries: NORTH Vietnam and SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam attacked SOUTH Vietnam. The US (Americans) defended SOUTH Vietnam. The US never invaded NORTH Vietnam (the US bombed it though). NORTH Vietnam invaded SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was (and still is) a communist nation. The US was against communism.

Describe how the vietnam war affected americans at home?

The Vietnam War affected the Americans at home due to civilian loss of life, about 415,000 lives.

What were the realities of this war for the American soldiers who fought in Vietnam?

Some Americans didn't care about the Vietnam war.......