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Americans were drafted into the Vietnam War in 1965.

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Q: What year did people get drafted for the Vietnam war?
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Can you be drafted into the marine core?

I am pretty sure you can't be drafted, unless the country is in some major war like WWII and there are no reserves left. During WWII and the Vietnam War men were drafted into the Marine Corps as well as the Army so - yes - some registered with Selective Serviece CAN be drafted into the Marine Corps. As a practical matter, it has only happened during "major war" such as that alluded to by the first person who answered this question. If my sources are correct, most of the Marines during WWII were drafte, 16,000 men were drafted into the Marines during the Korean War and 42,633 drafted into the Marines, during the Vietnam War. No one has been drafted since the Vietnam War, but the possibility still exists.

Year by year how much money was spent by the US in the Vietnam War?

Begin with websites: Statistics about the Vietnam War & Vietnam War Time-Line

What was the Vietnam request in the Vietnam war?

The most common request made by US commanders during the Vietnam War, was a constant request to the President for: More men. (40,000 men a month were being drafted by 1968). This was called the "escalation of the war."

What were exemptions from being drafted into the US army during the Vietnam War?

Physically unfit or mentally unstable, or a college student.

Were young men conscripted into the Australian army during the Vietnam War?

From approximately 1962-1972 over 50,000 Australian Servicemen fought in Vietnam, of which over 19,000 were drafted men. Over 63,000 Australian men were conscripted (drafted) during the war. Nearly 520 Australians were killed in Vietnam, of which over 200 were conscripts. 2,400 were injured.

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Were mentally challenged people drafted in the Vietnam war?

Medically exempt.

Why would people fight for another country in the Vietnam war?

Because they were drafted.

What did the people here in America think about the war in Vietnam?

They didn't want to be drafted for it.

Were people drafted even if there was not a war going on?

Men only, yes; until the end of the Vietnam War.

Why did so many people opposed the Vietnam war?

Some people were against the Vietnam War because young men were being drafted to fight in the war.

What year did they do the draft for Vietnam war?

Well, the Vietnam War Era was between August 5, 1965 and May 7, 1975

Reasons people become soldiers in the Vietnam War?

Some went in to fight communism, others were drafted and had no choice. Most were drafted by 1968.

How did the people being drafted to fight in the Vietnam War fell about the war generally?

we killed lots of people. and bombed them more and incinerated them with napalm

Why you should be against the Vietnam war?

Only if you have to be in it (drafted).

Could you be twenty nine and get drafted to the Vietnam war?

I believe they drafted to the age of 32

What if the hippies supported the Vietnam War?

There were drafted hippies in the infantry in Vietnam; they were good men.

Based on the Vietnam War how does it's conflict affect the people of the nation?

If they're drafted to fight in it, they're affected. If they're not drafted to fight in it, then they can watch it on television.