How did Benedict Arnold mother die?

Well she jumped really high and tried to touch a cloud, but she missed the cloud and accidently touched the moon. Then, she pulled out a chunk of it and bit it. It tasted rotten so she touched the Sun instead. She had severe burn injuries on he face and left arm up to her shoulder blade. She then jumped back down and hit a plane, leaving her with no leg. Abraham Lincoln, her long lost cousin from the future, then warped under her and caught her. She was okay. But later, she was stitching the American flag with Betsy Ross and pricked herself with the sewing needle. Her cat, Mitzie, then licked the blood, thinking it was food and died. Hannah Arnold was so upset that she jumped into The Death Star where she met Darth Vader. She said, "TIGER BLOOD" and jumped into outer space. She fell into the signing of the Declaration of Independence and signed her name with invisible ink. (By the way, her leg grew back as a horse leg) She later died of old age.