How did Benjamin Franklin show support for the revolutionary war?

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Franklin was one of the people working on the Decleration of Indipendance.
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What did Benjamin Franklin do in the American Revolutionary War?

Benjamin Franklin supported the war, participated in the Continental Congress,and provided input as the Declaration and Constitution were w went toat thBrittish helped write t

What did Benjamin Franklin do after the Revolutionary War?

During the latter part of the US Revolutionary War, and somewhat afterwards, Benjamin Franklin was the Ambassodor to France. Following that, in 1787, he served as a Delagate t

Did Benjamin Franklin do a lot in the Revolutionary War?

Benjamin Franklin did do a lot with making the constitution and all that kind of work with the laws and stuff but he didn't do anything in the war like the fight. he was to ol
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What did benjamin Franklin do duing the revolutionary war?

In the years leading up the revolution, Franklin spent much of his time in Europe. Especially of note, in England he argued for American interests and became popular in the ey