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Check out the book "Streetwise Chicago" by McNamee of the Sun-Times. It has all the names you would want to know.

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Q: How did Chicago streets get their names?
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How many streets are there in Chicago?

There are 814 streets in Chicago

Why aren't trucks allowed on Chicago streets?

Trucks are allowed on Chicago streets EXCEPT for Boulevards.

How many miles of streets are there in Chicago?

According to the Encyclopedia of Chicago, by the 1990s, there were 54,600 miles of streets and roads, including expressways.

What are the release dates for Parade Through Chicago Streets - 1903?

Parade Through Chicago Streets - 1903 was released on: USA: 1903

Who names city streets?

The council

What two Chicago streets that are parallel?

State and Dearborn.

How many streets are in Chicago?

More than 100.

How do streets get their names?

Streets get their names from many different sources. One example is the method of naming streets after numbers (1st avenue, 2nd avenue.) In this example, streets are named based upon the order they were constructed in. Other street name examples include naming streets after other cities or towns, naming streets after famous people, and naming streets after foliage in the area.

Why do streets have names?

Without street names, many people would get lost.

What are some irish street names?

Streets are given names rather than numbers and many streets are named after famous people. The main street in Dublin and a street name that is found in other towns and cities is O'Connell Street. Daniel O'Connell was a significant figure in Irish history. Many other famous people have streets named after them. Streets are named after places. Streets are named after nature. Streets are named after geographic features. Street names are in both English and Irish on the streets. See the link below for a list of streets in Dublin.

How are diagonal streets in Washington DC?

names of states

What marks the spot where old Chicago fire started?

The training academy for the Chicago Fire Department at Dekoven and Jefferson streets.

What is the zero point intersection in Chicago?

The zero point is at State & Madison Streets.

What is a street name in Brazil South America?

The names of the streets in Brazil are large and difficult to pronounce names when you are abroad, unlike some countries that the streets identified by numbers and sound direction

Who are US Presidents whose last names are the names are of a street in Chicago?

There are streets in Chicago named Washington, Adams, Madison, VanBuren, Clinton, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Jackson, Jefferson, Harrison, Harding, Cleveland, Monroe, Garfield, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Hayes, Garfield, and Arthur. There are also expressways named the Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Reagan.

How many miles from Chicago to Iran?

Microsoft Streets and Trips gives a distance of 6480 miles from Chicago, IL to Tehran, Iran.

What new jersey town are the names of the streets in monopoly from?

They are from Atlantic City

Why did people name streets after other people?

to remember their names for their contributions

What nz town names it's streets after orkney island?


Steet names that start with j?

Jackrabbit, Jasmine, Jay and Juniper are names of streets. They begin with the letter j.

Where did the Chicago bulls get there names?

A hoe

Do street names get their names from the founder of the street?

Though streets and roads do not officially have a "founder", they are often named after important individuals in the area. Streets and roads can also be named after prominent wildlife, number, or significant landmarks.

What are some team names that start with b?

Chicago BEARS Chicago BULLS

What caused the violent shootouts during the 1920s in Chicago?

The rival bootleggers in Chicago were causing turmoil on the streets because they were trying to control the illegal enterprises.

How does someone find out the origins for Chicago street names?

Streetwise Chicago: A History of Chicago Street Names by Don Hayner; 1988 ISBN: 0829405968 Publisher: Wild Onion Books