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How did England gets its name?

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It was originally Angle Land after the German tribe of Angles who arrived around 800 AD.

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How did get their team name?

It gets it name from the place in England called Arsenal.

Where does staffordshire get its name from?

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier gets its name from the county in England in which it was developed. The county, Staffordshire, is in central England.

How did South Carolina gets its name?

South Carolina got its name from a king of England.

How did Virginia gets its name?

It is named for the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I of England.

Where does is Chelsea football club derives it name from?

The Chelsea football club gets its name from the place Chelsea in England.

1 He gets in England by plane 2.He gets to England by plane or He gets into England by plane. Which is correct?

"He gets to England by plane" is correct, because "to" is the correct preposition to use when you are talking about reaching a destination.

How did the state of Georgia gets its name?

It was named after the King of England at the time. (King Goerge II).

How did Portsmouth VA gets its name?

Portsmouth VA got its name from Portsmouth in England as it is the home port of the Royal Navy. Portsmouth VA is a large naval port and Portsmouth in England is a very important naval base in England.

What country gets credit?


How often do tornadoes occur in England?

England gets about 50 tornadoes a year

What is granary bread?

The bread named granary bread gets its name from the flour which is used that bears the same name. This bread began being made in the country of England.

How does chocolate get to England?

for the short answer it gets imported

Where does England gets their cocoa beans?

They grow them.

What are the good effects of food miles?

That England gets exotic foods and gets them cheap.

What is England also called?

England is just called England. However, some people erroneously say England when what they mean is Britain, which is comprised of England, Scotland and Wales together. When Northern Ireland is added, the country then gets its full and proper name of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

What is bad about England?

In my opinion, I don't like England. It gets cold, its dirty, and it rains alot.

What birds stay in England in the Autumn when it gets cold?

i lived in England and all i can remember was the robin!

Which country gets thunder lightning the most?


Where does Belize gets its native language?

it got it from england

how did hotdog gets it name?

by a dog or something else

Does an unwed father have the right to give the child his name if he signed the birth certificate?

No. The unmarried mother gets to name the child.No. The unmarried mother gets to name the child.No. The unmarried mother gets to name the child.No. The unmarried mother gets to name the child.

How did rugby gets its name?

Rugby was named after the place, in England, where William Webb Ellis first picked up a football(soccer ball) and ran with it.

What is the full name of England?


Why was New England given this name?

the settlers in new england were from england and since england was such a success they decided to name the new country after it.

Is England a name or a word?

England is a name I have never seen it in the dictionary.

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