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How did Europeans maintain access to cotton during the American civil war?

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What resource was traded by the earliest Europeans in Tennessee?


What was the American cotton boom?

The American Cotton Boom was a increase in the need of cotton which came and led to many technological advancements. The increase of cotton led

What is Giza cotton?

GIZA Cotton is an exyra large cotton between american upland cotton and egyption cotton.

How much cotton did the slaves grow in 1860?

In 1860 Alabama, there were 600,000 ton of cotton gown by the slaves and shipped to the Europeans

Was the first American cotton mill set up in 1790?

No, the first American cotton mill was the Beverly Cotton Manufactory, from 1785.

How did the cotton gin change the american south?

The cotton gin changed the American South's economy by allowing them to harvest cotton quickly and cheaply.

Is Turkish cotton really better then American cotton?

Although you would think Turkish cotton is better, American cotton is actually better in quality as well as cheaper in price.

How can cotton gin machine affect American Society?

The cotton gin machine affected American Society because it made it easier for the workers--usually slaves--to pick the cotton.

What did the Europeans trade?

The Europeans would trade silver, wool, and spices with other colonies and tribes. They in return would get animal fur, cotton, pearls, and silk.

Why did south fight civil war?

To maintain its independence - and retain the cotton revenues.

What are some technological advantages europeans have over africans in the 1800's?

cotton machines

What were 3 products Europeans learned about in the Holy land?

They learned about apricots, rice, and cotton cloth.

What has the author Alonzo B Cox written?

Alonzo B. Cox has written: 'Marketing American cotton in England' -- subject(s): Marketing, Cotton 'Marketing American cotton on the continent of Europe' -- subject(s): Marketing, Cotton

Most of the cotton produced in the American South after the invention of the cotton gin was?

sold to england

Why does South America import cotton?

Not all south american countries import cotton.


Cotton is a good choice for quilting. It offers durability and is easy to maintain. Stains are easily removed as well and the material is ever so soft.

What does alameda mean?

Latin: ambitious Native American: Cotton Wood Grove Latin: ambitious Native American: Cotton Wood Grove

What Indian products did the Europeans trade for?

Besides spices and cotton textiles, gems and precious stones were traded

Europeans desired many products from Asia?

Fine silk, porcelain products, gems, minerals, cotton and tea were among some of the key products that Europeans wanted from Asia.

What is an American Football made of?

cotton and rubber

American cotton production underwent a real boom in the late 1790s because of?

the cotton gin

The first American cotton mill was set up in 1790?

No, it was the Beverly Cotton Manufactory of 1785

What American invention helped to increase cotton production?

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.

What did Europeans trade?

The Europeans exploited the minerals and ivory in Africa. They traded in slaves and transported them to the colonies in America where they worked in plantations. The Europeans were consumers of tobacco, sugar, cotton rum and molasses from the plantations.

How did the invention of the cotton gin affect African-American slaves in the South?

It made cotton pay, and cotton depended on slave-labour.