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He died a natural if painful death in 1547.

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Who was on the throne in 1553?

Henry VIII

What religion was England when Henry VIII came to the throne?

England was Catholic when Henry VIII came to the throne. He was the first to introduce Protestism

When was Henry VIII removed from the throne?

Henry VIII was removed from the throne by his own death on Jan 28th, 1547, most probably from syphilis.

Which king did Henry VIII defeat to win the throne of England?

Henry VIII inherited the throne of England.Henry VIII did not defeat any King, he came by it honestly and without bloodshed when his Father Henry VII died.

Who was on the throne in 1509?

Henry VIII was on the throne at the time 1509. xxx^.^

When did Henry VIII came to the throne?


How long was Henry the viii on the throne?

1509 - 1547

At what age did Henry VIII take the throne?


What century did Henry VIII take the throne?


How did Henry the viii succeed?

Came to throne when his father Henry VII died.

Who became king before Henry VIII?

Henry VII was the king before Henry the VIII. There was an older child that died before Henry VIII was put on the throne.

How many years was Henry VIII on the throne?

38 years

What country was King Henry the VIII on the throne in?

England and Ireland

Why did king Henry VIII come off his throne?

He died.

What was Henry VIII goals?

He wanted a male heir to the throne.

Why did Henry VIII keep remarrying?

To get a son as heir to the throne

Who was next in line to the throne after Henry viii?

His son Edward.

Who tried to throw Henry viii of the throne?

Douglas MacArthur

Who took the throne after Henry VIII death?

His son Edward

What was the religion when Henry viii came to the throne?

In England, Catholicism.

How did king Henry VIII get power?

King Henry VIII succeeded to the English throne in 1509 upon the death of his father, King Henry VII.

Why did Henry VIII want to get a wife?

Henry the 8th wanted a son (air) to the throne

When did Henry VIII come to the throne?

Henry VIII became King of England on 21 April 1509. He was 17 year of age.

Why was Henry VIII on the throne?

His father, Henry VII died and based on the rules of primogeniture, the throne passed to his eldest (living) son.

When Henry VIII was desperate to get what?

A son, who would be the indisputable heir of the throne.

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