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hitler killed them by sending them in a gas room with no ventilations

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Who opposed Hitler in Germany?

Not alot of people opposed Hitler in Germany , if they did oppose him and spoke out about it , they would be killed. If you lived in Germany at the time Hitler ruled , you had to follow him or death was next for you. So many people did start to folow him and be his servants. Others that opposed kept it to them selves , but deep down inside many people hated Hitler

What happened to people who opposed Hitler?

People in Germany who openly opposed him were jailed or gassed, if they had not managed to flee abroad first. Of course, Great Britain, France, Canada, Australia, America and many other countries opposed Hitler.

What is the goal of communism with Hitler?

The Communists opposed Hitler

If the majority of Germany was openly opposed to Hitler could he have been stopped?

If the majority of Germans had been openly opposed to Hitler, his Nazi party might not have received the largest vote by the German people in the 1933 elections.

How would Joseph Stalin deal with people who opposed him?

They either went to the gulag, or they were killed.

How did Hitler Stalin and Mussolini get people to do what they wanted?

They did it mainly through reigns of terror, as they killed anyone who opposed them.

What groups opposed Stalin?

Mostly the allies opposed Stalin, same as Hitler

Why did the Nazis oppose liberalists?

"Liberalist" is not a term used by historians to describe a group of people the Hitler or the Nazis opposed.

Who went in the concentration camps?

Jews, beggars, criminals, prostitutes, Gypsies, homosexuals, people who opposed Hitler, people who helped Jews or others.

Did Hitler believe that Marxism had to be supported?

No.Hitler did not support in any way the principles of Marxism. Hitler was strongly opposed to Marxism.

Is hittler a girl?

"Hittler" could refer to many people as it is a German last name. If you are referring to Adolf Hitler, you'll have to change your stance to "was" as opposed to "is" as Hitler is dead. Adolf Hitler was a male dictator, so in that regard, no.

Did Hitler seize power through force or election?

Both. He was elected but he killed people who opposed him and elected his own men in.

Why did people in Germany let Hitler come to power?

It wasn't the German people/citizens who let Hitler come to power. It was a secret deal between Von Papen and President Hindenburg, a deal to appoint Hitler as chancellor. Von Papen noticed Hitler was struggling to keep a Reichstag majority thought that keeping Hitler close (Friends close and enimies closer and all that) They thought that they could keep an eye on Hitler. However, they were wrong VERY wrong! So it was a behind the scenes deal that lead to Hitler coming to power, it had nothing to do with the German people voting in fact around this time the nazis lost over 2 million votes and 38 seats in the Reichstag elections that year.

Why did Hitler execute?

While in his quest to setup a Christian Fundamentalist Church, Hitler believed that 'God's Work'. Hitler viewed Jesus as someone who opposed Judaism and fought again this. Hitler thought he was continuing Jesus's fight against the Jewish people in the name of his Christian 'god'.

Who were the Auschwitz victims?

Any victims that the Nazi's thought necessary. Jews, Homosexuals, Blacks, Gypsies, people who opposed Hitler, ect.

What did Hitler do that proved that he was a dictator?

He crushed anyone who opposed his government.

What religions did Adolf Hitler dislike?

He opposed the Jehova's Witnesses.

How did Hitler feel about political opponents?

Hitler was a dictator so he didn't take kindly to anyone who opposed his views.

Did Adolf Hitler oppose the Munich Pact?

Adolf Hitler opposed the Munich Pact in various ways and even broke it severally. Winston Churchill is also known to have out-rightly opposed this pact.

Who did Hitler oppose?

In short, Hitler opposed everyone who did not agree with him, including at times other members of the Nazis. He particularly opposed Communism, although he and Stalin cooperated before the war, and in the early part of the war.

Describe two reasons that people opposed the new deal?

The new deal increased americas gross national product rose form 1933 to 1939 and unemployment rates dropped

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