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How did Hitler kill so many Jews?

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he used concentration camps and gas chambers

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Why did hittler kill so many jews?

Hitler killed Jews because he did not like them. If you were not like him, he wanted to kill you. Hitler was a very evil person.

What made Hitler kill?

There was problems in Germany so he blamed the Jews and that is what made Hitler kill.

Why did Adolf Hitler kill so many Jews?

Adolf Hitler hated the Jews because when he was part of World War 1, he thinks that the Jews were the ones that made them lose the war.

Why did Hitler kill so many Jewish people?

he killed so many because an great depression happened an he blamed it on the Jews

Why did Hitler have all Jews together?

so it was easy to kill them all

Why did hitler kill not only jews but his own people?

Hitler did not only kill Jews but his own people so as to show powerful he is. He used different forms of propaganda so as to cause deaths of innocent people with the majority being Jews.

Why did hiler kill the Jews?

Hmmm.... Jews like to oppress people so Hitler launch war on them.

Did Jews hate Hitler?

Hitler killed many Jews, so yes, Jews hated Hitler. But not necessarily. If you want to know, you should ask them. In many households, Hitler is not talked about or thought about.

What was hitler's reason to kill jews?

Hitler killed the Jews because he said that they were the reason that the economy was doing so bad. Hitler also blamed losing World War 1 on the Jews.

Why did the Gestapo kill Jews?

Jews would be killed because when hitler came to power hitler had lost lots land and money,jobs,and businesses so hitler thought that they lost the war becuase of the jews so that when he started taking the to concentration camps and torture.

Why did Hitler wanted to kill off all the Jews knowing some of his relatives are Jews?

He had to blame Germany's decline on someone, so he blamed the Jews.

Did Hitler kill six million Jews just because they were powerless?

Hitler was a German Dictator. Also leader of the Nazi Party. The Nazis' had hatred for Jews. Hitler didn't just kill them because they were powerless. He despised them so much. Most Jews might have been powerless but they fought back.

Did Hitler have a reason to kill the Jews?

No, he blamed them for Germany's problems. So he wanted them all killed.

What did Hitler do to Jewish women?

Hitler hated all Jews because Germany was poor and most Jews are rich so he decided to kill all the Jews he saw.He killed the women painfully just as he did to the men.

Why was Hitler so popular even though many knew his plan to kill the Jews?

Hitler did not campaign in German politics on a program of genocide, and it seems likely that the Holocaust was planned in 1941.

Did Joseph Stalin kill to get rid of Jews?

Stalin was probably not out to eliminate the Jews as a race of people the way Hitler wanted to do. But Stalin still wanted to get rid of as many Jews as possible and tried his best to do so..

Why did the killing of the holocaust all start?

because hitler want to kill jews. this was so because, hitler had a ideal of a non jewish europe

Why did only Hitler kill 'n' hate the jews?

so his country could be free!

Why were these groups targeted by society?

Hitler didn't like the Jews so he decided to capture, enslave, and kill them.

How many Jews did the Hitler youth kill during the war?

Well the hitler youth was being trained to be future SS Soldiers but some of the Hitler youth did work in the Concentration camps. It is estimate that about 25,000 jews was killed by the hitler youth. May seem small but this was done by 13-19 year olds, so its a big number for them

Why did Adolf Hitler invent the Holocaust?

It was because Hitler didn't like Jews because he thought they had to much freedom. So he became as we say President and made an army to kill all Jews, called the Nazis.

Would the jewish people kill hitlers daughter?

They would because of the things adolf hitler was doing.Adolf hitler was trying to get rid of the jews, so that would want the Jews to get rid of the people he loved the most

Did Hitler try to send the Jews to other countries before he started killing them?

No, but many Jews got out of the countrey away from Hitler. Some where not so lucky.

Why do so many Christians hate hitler for killing the jews?

Because so many Christians are decent people.

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