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Hitler's new order grew out of his racial obsessions. He set up puppet governments in Western Europe countries that were peopled by "Aryans" or related "races". The Slavs of Eastern Europe were considered to be an inferior "race". They were shoved aside to make more "living space" for Germans who Hitler considered the ideal "race".

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What was Hitler's new order for Europe?

His new order for Europe was that the Nazi's will go in to Europe

What did Louis IV want to achieve in the late 1600s?

He hoped to expand French power in Europe and the New World.

Whats the purpose of the third Reich?

The establishment of the New Order was proclaimed by Adolf Hitler in 1940. The New Order meant absolute Nazi German hegemony in Europe, but ultimately German mastery over the entire world. This included the elimination of "inferior" peoples, including Slavs, Gypsies, Jews, and political opponents including Catholics and Communists.

How was Adolf Hitler different from Joseph Stalin?

Hitler advocated strict German nationalism and support of the Aryan race. Stalin was carving out a new empire in Eastern Europe, and made a deal with Hitler despite the conflict between communism and fascism (both actually existed as oligarchies).

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What did Louis IV want to achieve in the late 1600's?

he hoped to expand french power in Europe and the new world

What was Hitlers plan to make Europe into one political and economic system?

New Order

What evidence is there in 1939 and 1940 that US did not like the new order?

If you are asking about Hitler it was obvious that he planned to conquer the world.

Where was Hitler when he wrote mein kampf?

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf allegedly at his short incarceration at Landsberg Prison in 1924. He later wrote another book; The new world order.

Why is is possible to say that the new order established in Europe by the congress of Vienna after Napoleon's defeat was actually an old order?

The new order was the restoration of the old Monarchy which the French Revolution tried to be rid of.

After conquering Poland how many years did Hitler wait before attacking a new territory?

In his attempt to take over most of Europe Hitler attacked many different territories in a short period of time. From the time he conquered Poland he only waited seven months to attack a new territory.

Despite failure to achieve its goal of recapturing the holy land this movement helped increase trade and brought new ideas to Europe?


What was the result of the congress of Vienna?

Europe countries established new order since they were free of Napoleon

What was the new order for Europe after the downfall of Napoleon?

France returned to a Monarchy under Louis XVIII.

Why didn't The Chronicles of Narnia movies follow the order of the books?

The new Narnia movies were made in Europe. They're doing the European order.

What was Hitlers dream in World War 2?

To make a New Order with a German hegemony in Europe and the world

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Who did Adolf Hitler affect and how?

Adolf Hitler was a Political Leader in Germany. Hitler wanted to create a new order in Germany that promoted supremacy of the Germans. Adolf Hilter targeted the Jewish race when he launched an all-out assault against the Jewish race by capturing and torturing the people.

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Why was Hitler a fasisct?

happy new year

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