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Claude Monet would go at a certain time of day and paint what he saw and try to show the time of day in his paintings.

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Impressionism began during the 1870s by Claude Monet.

Impressionism began in the city of Paris, France, where four artists met in Café Guerbois.

Of course Impressionism, since Post-Impressionism means after Impressionism.

Impressionism began in France during the 1870's. As to where, Honfleur, on the south coast of the Seine estuary, where Monet painted a picture entitled 'Impression - Sunrise' in 1872. This provided the name for the movement.

Post Impressionism can be seen as a extension of Impressionism, but disregarding many of the limitations and certain concepts of Impressionism.

The Difference The Difference between Impressionism and Post Impressionism ... Post-Impressionismreveals A freely expressive use color and form to describe emotions or movement.between Impressionism and Post Impressionism ... Post-Impressionism reveals A freely expressive use color and form to describe emotions or movement.

"Post-Impressionism" is not a movement like Impressionism or Cubism. It is a term to denote painters who came just after Impressionism, mainly van Gogh and Gauguin.

Impressionism is not a religion.

They are not. Post-impressionists reacted against Impressionism.

impressionism ended in 1894

In Impressionism line is not important.

He painted what he felt. We call it Post-Impressionism.

Édouard Manet started impressionism.


Claude Monet discovered impressionism

Impressionism. The syllable post- means after.

Neoclassicism(1) Romanticism(2) Realism(3) Impressionism(4) Post-Impressionism(5)

Post Impressionism started in France.

Claude Monet is the father of Impressionism!

No, Impressionism was on its way out before Picasso became a painter.

impressionism is the use of light and depics

Thousands and thousands of artists have disliked Impressionism.

The kind of art he was famous for was Impressionism.

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