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Q: How did Inca farming affect the government?
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How were Inca jobs controlled by the empire?

If an Incan person wanted to any job other than farming, he had to be approved by the Inca emperor. So government officials and warriors were jobs that needed government approval.

What does the implementation of terrace farming tell you about the geography of the Inca empire?

The implementation of terrace farming by the Inca empire suggests that they inhabited mountainous regions with steep terrain and limited flat land for agriculture. Terrace farming allowed them to maximize agricultural production by creating flat areas for cultivation on the slopes of mountains. This geographical feature influenced their agricultural practices and contributed to their ability to sustain a large population in challenging environments.

The Inca created what for farming?


Who invented terraced farming?


What are the Inca's inventions?

farming sytems

The Inca created what kind of farming?


How were the chavin and waris influeneces on the Inca different?

The Inca were influenced by the Chavín's religion and the Wari's terraced farming.

What is Inca terrace farming?

Inca terrace farming is a form of agricultural technique developed by the Inca civilization in the Andes Mountains. It involves constructing stepped terraces on steep slopes with irrigation channels to grow crops such as corn, potatoes, and quinoa. This technique maximizes arable land and helps prevent soil erosion in mountainous regions.

How did the Inca survive?

By terrace farming.

How did the Inca society interact with there environment?

They made techniques for farming.

What one produce food surplus Inca Maya or Aztec?

The Inca civilization had highly advanced agricultural techniques such as terraced farming, irrigation systems, and crop storage that allowed them to produce food surpluses. The Aztecs also had sophisticated farming methods like chinampas (floating gardens), but they did not have the same level of agricultural productivity as the Inca.

The Inca and Aztec farming methods are similar in what ways?

all built terrances