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Isolationists made little effort in the early (Post Dien Bin Phu) days. It was the anti war protests against the war and the draft that fought against the Vietnam War.

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Q: How did Isolationists in the US government try to keep the US neutral in Vietnam?
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What was the goal of isolationists?

To keep America out of the war in Europe and Asia.

Those in the US who wanted to keep out of European wars were known as?


What did the government keep from us about Vietnam?

National security matters are authorized to be classified.

Why did isolanists want the neutrality acts to be passed?

The isolationists wanted to keep the US out of the war meaning they would have to be isolated. Being neutral means the US stayed out of war and no getting involved. Which explains why an Isolanist would want the neutrality act to be passed.

How can the United States keep a communist country out of South Vietnam?

They tried by upholding a corrupt Government and found that they could not.

The United States begin to provide military advisers to the French and Vietnam as early as 1950. The US government was helping the French keep their colonies in the area. What is the main reason for the US government’s involvement in Vietnam?

The Korean war

Why did president kenndy send troops to Vietnam?

To try and keep South Vietnam from falling to the Communists, and because the government of South Vietnam was too corrupt and incompetent to defend themselves. The government of South Vietnam was never able to defend themselves, and President Gerald R. Ford finally gave up on them in 1975. They soon fell to communist North Vietnam.

Why did China support North Vietnam?

The common link was a Communist government. It was in China's best interest to keep North Vietnam as an ally which also allowed the opportunity to spread Communism.

What were Vietnam's goals in Vietnam?

I do not know what goals Vietnam had in Vietnam But the U.S. wanted to keep Vietnam from becoming a communist country.

What was the beginning of Vietnam war?

to keep north Vietnam from taking over south Vietnam....

The role of the Cold War in Vietnam?

To keep Vietnam from going nuclear. Vietnam was part of the cold war.

Why could the Vietnam war be concidered a loss for the US?

The US objective was to bolster the government of South Vietnam and keep it from being taken over by North Vietnam. The US spent much money and human life trying to achieve this goal, but in 1975 South Vietnam collapsed under a North Vietnamese invasion.

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