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he died during the first battle of the mexican war in Texas, when mexican soldiers crushed the texans.

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Q: How did John Dickinson become a patriot?
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Who is the famous American patriot called penman of the revolutionary?

John Dickinson from Pennsylvania.

What did John Quincy Adams do to become a patriot?

John Quincy was the son of John Adams and was too young to be a patriot. He was with his father in France.

What colony was John Dickinson from?

John Dickinson was a farmer from Pennsylvania.

What was john Dickinson colony?

John Dickinson was a farmer from Pennsylvania.

How would you describe john Dickinson?

John Dickinson has brown eyes

What state did john Dickinson represent?

John Dickinson was the president at the Annapolis Convention. At this convention John Dickinson represented the state of Delaware, where he lived.

What is John Dickinson's birthday?

John Dickinson was born on November 13, 1732.

When did John Dickinson - bishop - die?

John Dickinson - bishop - died in 1993.

When was John Dickinson House created?

John Dickinson House was created in 1740.

When was John D. Dickinson born?

John D. Dickinson was born in 1767.

When was John Dickinson Stationery created?

John Dickinson Stationery was created in 1804.

When was John Dickinson - author - born?

John Dickinson - author - was born in 1962.