How did John Hancock relate to the American Revolution?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How did John Hancock relate to the American Revolution?
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Was John Hancock a patriot in the American revolution?


What did John Hancock Accomplish in the American Revolution?

he accomplished victory

Did John Hancock die in the American revolution?

No he died in Quincy Massachussets

What was john Hancock's occupation before the American revolution?

a football player

Did John Hancock struggle?

He struggled against the British in the American Revolution.

What expressions came from life the American revolution?

An expression that came from life during the American Revolution was to put your John Hancock on paper.

Who were scot-irish people in the American revolution?

John Hancock and Rev. James McGregor

What did John Hancock do in the American revolution?

He signed the Declaration of Independence and was president of the continental congress.

Was John Hancock part of the American revolution?

Yes, because back then he was President of Congress.

Who were some political writers during the American revolution?

I believe John Hancock was one

What colonel worked along side of John Hancock?

John Hancock fought alongside Colonel Mustard, one of the most famous figures in the American Revolution.

How is the world different because of John Hancock?

Hancock was a prominent leader in the American colonies, was very active in the creation of the United States. Without Hancock, it is possible that the American revolution would not have succeeded.