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How did John Milton became blind?

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His blindness was likely caused by glaucoma.

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Why did John Milton became blind and in which age?

11th age

When did John Milton became blind?

John Milton became totally blind by 1654. There is a bit of debate on the subject, but most agree the cause was either glaucoma or bilateral retinal detachment.

Became completely blind during the seventeenth century?

John Milton

What year did John Milton go blind?

1655 milton was blind

What personal tragedy happened to John Milton in 1652?

His wife died and he became blind.

Was John Keats blind?

John Keats was not blind. It was John Milton, for a period.

When and how John Milton acquired thi disability?

John Milton was blind and ate Priyanka doshi's head :)

John Milton disability?

John Milton was not known to have a actual disability. Though he wrote a poem about being blind it was based on religion not him actually being blind.

Was john Milton a blind?

Yes, John Milton went blind during the course of his life, and wrote most of his masterpiece, Paradise Lost, without his vision.

How did John Milton write his poem on his blindness if he was blind?

Milton dictated the poem to his daughter.

Did John Milton become completely blind?

yes he did

What did John Milton and Homer have in common?

both were blind

Did John Milton go blind from too much studying?


Who was a blind English statesman who wrote sonnets?

John Milton (1603)

Why did John Milton became blind?

The cause of John Milton's blindness is not known for sure. Historians have debated the issue and the two most likely causes were determined to be either glaucoma or bilateral retinal detachment.

Who is blind poet in english literature?

John Milton was blind. He wrote "Paradise Lost"- one of his masterpieces during his blindness...

What was John Milton's disability?

He became blind.

Did Apostle John became blind in Patmos?


Why john Milton scold the god in 'on his blindness'?

John Milton knows that God has called him to be a poet ('that one talent which is death to hide') - but now he finds that he is blind. Blindness is particularly difficult for a poet - as deafness is for a composer. So Milton asks God: 'You have just made Your chosen poet blind. What were you thinking?' But Milton learned to work around his blindness. When Beethoven lost his hearing, he learned to work around that.

What were John Milton's beliefs?

Milton was a puritan and rather a militant one. He went blind writing defenses for Charles I.

What has the author Milton D Graham written?

Milton D. Graham has written: 'Multiply-impaired blind children' -- subject(s): Blind, Blind Children, Children with disabilities, Statistics

What disability did Jonh Milton have?

I believe he was blind.

Was John Milton's Paradise Lost written before he became blind?


What is John Milton's famous poem?

Paradise Lost, & then Paradise Regained. Milton was blind. The illustrator of P.L. was the great William Blake.

What is the birth name of John Milton Branton?

John Milton Branton's birth name is Milton Olen Branton.