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not sure

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they had a fight

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Q: How did Latin American countries determine the next ruler after a caudillo died?
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A dictator usually an army officer of a latin American country?


How many Latin American countries are there?

There's to be about 20 Latin American countries

What juggling act do latin American countries face?

The Latin American countries are juggling to face protection. The Latin American countries are wanting to protect their rain forests.

Are Peru or Chile Latin American countries?

Peru and Chile are both Latin American countries. South America, Central America, and Mexico are all considered Latin American countries.

What are the names of the northernmost countries in Latin America?

Mexico and Cuba are the northernmost Latin American countries.

What countries were involved in the roosevelt corollary?

Latin American Countries

What was on effect of the latin American revolutions of the 19th century?

Many Latin American countries achieved independence.

What are the official languages of most Latin American countries?

The official language of most Latin American countries is Spanish. However, in countries such as Brazil, the official language is Portuguese. Additionally, some countries have recognized indigenous languages as official, such as Quechua in Peru and Guarani in Paraguay.

How does Florida's location affect its relationships with Latin American countries?

Because the closest Latin American country is Cuba

What was one effect of the Latin American revolution of the 19th century?

Many Latin American countries achieved independence.

How might the Monroe docterine aid latin American nation?

the monroe docterine aided the latin American countries by making countries that did trade with the united states go and trade with other countries

What language is spoken in more latin American countries than any other?

Spanish is the language spoken in more Latin American countries than any other, as it is the official language of most countries in the region.