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which people have formed an economic oligarchy in several latin American countries

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Q: Which people have formed an economic oligarchy in several Latin America countries?
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How is an oligarchy different from and autocracy?

An oligarchy is the rule of a select group of people that controlled the government of a nation. Public participation was negligible. A monarchy ruled by a king and hid family & friends. The transition of power was done on a heredity basis. This could be also termed an oligarchy. The difference in the former was that heredity was not a factor in transitioning power.

Which countries are currently America's allies?

Britain (from 'special relationship') Canada (alliance in several wars regarding Middle East) Australia (same as in Canada) Japan (military alliance and close economic relationship) Israel (plays a role containing threat of terrorism)

How did the writing of the Constitution help the people of America?

While the Constitution of the United States of America acknowledges that all people are endowed with certain inalienable rights, the document itself serves to establish a government for the United States of America, which is only a portion of America and represents only a percentage of the people in America. Given that America includes North America which is comprised of three different countries, all of which have their own constitutions, and then there is South America which is comprised of several more countries that also have their own constitution and in between North and South America there is Central America which is also comprised of several different countries all of which have their own constitutions. If the constitution has helped any person in "America", it has helped those individuals who have used that legal document as a point of law when helping themselves to live free and be happy.

When was an oligarchy government?

Oligarchy originated in ancient Greece and meant 'rule of the few'. The few means anything short of the full population, and could be narrow- a group of aristocrats, or broadly-based, such as all those who were landowners and warriors. In modern usage it applies to the more limited definition, but most oligarchies have been replaced by democracies ('people power'). Examples of an oligarchy are Athens in the Seventh Century BCE, Britain in the 18th Century AD, and currently several Middle East and African countries eg Saudi Arabia. The fact that there may be a nominal king (monarchy) is not relevant in real terms, it is where the power lies.

What two countries fought over control of eastern Canada?

i think it was between France and Britain....

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Which people formed an economic oligarchy in several Latin American countries?

i need help

To which state does South America belong to?

South America is a continent. There are several Countries in South America.

Is latin America autocratic?

Latin America is several countries so you have to ask about a country to get a proper answer.

How did the treaty of Paris protect America's economic interest?

there were several treaties signed in paris

How many countries are there in northamerica?

There are 23 countries in North America, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, and several smaller countries and territories in Central America and the Caribbean.

Who is the Senate Majority Leader now in North America?

North America includes several countries and does not have a Senate.

Is America an overseas territory of Israel?

No, it isn't, nor is it the other way around. The U.S. and Israel do have close economic, military, and cultural ties, but the U.S. enjoys similar relationships with several other countries as well.

Is aloe commercially grown?

Aloe is commercially grown in several countries around the world. These countries include South America, Central America, Asia, and Africa.

What is the name of the rainforest's in South America?

The major rainforest in South America is The Amazon which stretches over several countries.

What are continents of Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country within a continent. The continent is South America. There are several other countries in South America.

What effect has Asia immigration had on religion in Latin America?

It has no effect. Latin America is comprised of several countries and they are principally Catholic.

How many states are there today in America?

Many countries in America have department states, and territories. There are several thousand.