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While the Constitution of the United States of America acknowledges that all people are endowed with certain inalienable rights, the document itself serves to establish a government for the United States of America, which is only a portion of America and represents only a percentage of the people in America. Given that America includes North America which is comprised of three different countries, all of which have their own constitutions, and then there is South America which is comprised of several more countries that also have their own constitution and in between North and South America there is Central America which is also comprised of several different countries all of which have their own constitutions. If the constitution has helped any person in "America", it has helped those individuals who have used that legal document as a point of law when helping themselves to live free and be happy.

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the constitution gave us protection from other countries that would try to take us over. it gives us our rights and shows the world what we stand/stood for.

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they broke the colonies apart:}

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Q: How did the writing of the Constitution help the people of America?
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