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i think it was between France and Britain....

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Several European countries fought over North America and what is now Canada but most people think of just Britain and France because they had the largest battles.

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Q: What two countries fought over control of eastern Canada?
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What country fought over and won control over eastern Canada?

France [i think]

What groups of countries which group fought hardest for control of what became the US and Canada?

Spain, France, and the Netherlands

What Two European powers that fought over control of the territory that became Canada were the?

The two European countries that fought over the territory that became Canada were France and Britain. France colonized parts of Canada first and then Britain stepped in. This is why there is such an influence from French culture in Canada.

What two countries battled for control of Canada?

France and England

What two countries fought on the eastern front?

Russia, Poland, and Germany

Which two countries fought over Canada?

England and France

What countries does england fought to control?

the colonists decided they wanted to be free from England's control, so they fought against England in the what

Which countries fought for control of Africa?

which countries fought for control land in africa

Who fought for and won control of the eastern half of what is now the US?

Britain Apex<3

Who fought for control of the Balkans in Eastern Europe?

Prior to World War I, the Russians and Austrians were feuding over control of the Balkans.

Were there just 3 countries that fought in World War 2 Who were they?

No, there were alot of countries that fought in WW2. There was Germany and Japan; and than England, Russia, US, Canada, France (?)

Why were war fought on American?

other countries thought America shouldn't have independence. and they fought to try to control us