Abraham Lincoln

How did Lincoln convince the southerners?

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Why did southerners refuse to put Lincoln on the ballot?

The southerners were for slavery, but Lincoln was not. Lincoln would try to abolish slavery.

What did Lincoln do to silence those in opposition to the war?

He tried to convince the people that war was only going to make the southerners realize that the america needed to be united.

Who urged southerners to reunite as Americans?

Abraham Lincoln or the union urged southerners to reunite with them. Abraham Lincoln was the union president.

What did president Lincoln offer to all white southerners except confederate leaders?

Lincoln offered amnesty to all white southerners

What did the raid on harpers ferry convince southerners of?

Slavery should be abolished

The main reason Southerners opposed the election of Abraham Lincoln was?

The main reason that Southerners opposed the election of Abraham Lincoln was his opposition to the expansion of slavery.

Why did many southerners feel that secession was necessary after Lincoln won the presidency in 1860?

because southerners thought Abraham Lincoln was going to remove slavery

Why were many white southerners upset by the election of Abraham Lincoln as President?

they hated abramn Lincoln

What did the south do after Abraham Lincoln became president?

The southerners hired a assassin to assassinate president Lincoln.

Who opposed the southerners presidential election of 1860?

Abraham Lincoln

What did southerners fear after Abraham Lincoln was elected?

Lincoln would appoint republicans to important positions in the south

To all white Southerners except Confederate leaders lincoln offered what?

Amnesty- pardon to white southerners, except confederate leaders

What did southerners fear Lincoln would do after the election?

take away slavery

What were the 4 things Abraham Lincoln wanted the southerners to do after the war?


Why was southerners unhappy when Abraham Lincoln was elected president?

because the southerners wanted to keep their slaves so they could work on plantations and the owners would make a profit. Abraham Lincoln was against slavery.

What did Southerners fear Lincoln would do after the election of 1860?

Lincoln would appoint Republicans to important positions in the South

Why were southerners apposed to the election of Abraham Lincoln?

he wanted to prevent the spread of slavery

Were John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln shot by Southerners?


What did Lincoln offer to all white Southerners who gave loyalty to the union?


Who had been recently elected as president of the us when the southerners seceded?

President Lincoln.

Why did southerners oppose the election of Lincoln?

Southerners felt that Lincoln would oppose slavery in new states, attempt to end slavery where it already existed, and oppose any attempt by a State to secede over any state in the country.

Why did many southerners feel that secession was necessary after Lincoln won the presidency in 1680?

Lincoln was against slavery and it's 1860 not 1680

Why did many southerners support secction after Lincoln won presidency in 1860?

Because Lincoln would not allow any extension of slavery

How did the Lincoln-douglas debate either raise or reduce tensions over the slavery issue?

It raised tensions, because the southerners freaked out about having someone anti-slavery run for senator(Lincoln), and then president(again Lincoln). Lincoln was a powerful speaker, and southerners were concerned that he would persuade more people to join the Union's cause

Was abraham lincoln assassinated by southerners?

Yes, John Wilkes Booth was an avid Southerner