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Mary Reibey met her future husband, Thomas Reibey, aboard the ship that was carrying her to Australia to serve time for the criminal offense of horse theft. He was a young East India junior officer on one of the company's store ships. After several proposals, she finally agreed to marry him. She was Australia's first, successful business woman.

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Q: How did Mary and Thomas Reibey meet?
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How many children did Mary Reibey have?

Mary Reibey had 7 children and married Thomas Reibey.

What was Mary Reibey's name before marriage?

Prior to marrying Thomas Reibey, Mary Reibey was Mary Haydock.

What jobs did Mary Reibey have?

Mary Reibey was first assigned as a nursemaid in the house of Major Francis Grose. She then married Thomas Reibey and raised seven children. At the time Thomas died, Mary was working as a hotel-keeper, and she had already had experience in helping to manage his various business and trading interests.

What was Mary Reibey's maiden name?

Mary Reibey, former convict, had a maiden name of Haydock. She married the young Irish officer Thomas Reibey either during the voyage while she was being transported to Australia, or soon after her arrival.

When was Thomas Reibey born?

Thomas Reibey was born on 1821-09-24.

When did Thomas Reibey die?

Thomas Reibey died on 1912-02-10.

Where did Mary Reibey come from?

Mary Reibey was a convict from England. She was born in Bury, England in 1777.

How old was Mary Reibey when she died?

Mary Reibey was 78 when she died. She was born in 1777 and died in 1855.

What was Mary Reibey when she went on the first fleet?

Mary Reibey was not on the First Fleet. The First Fleet arrived in New South Wales in 1788, but Mary Reibey arrived aboard the 'Royal Admiral' in 1792.

Which ship did Mary Reibey go on?

Mary Reibey was not on the First Fleet. She arrived in Australia aboard the 'Royal Admiral' in 1792.

What age did Mary Reibey run away from her grandma?

Mary Reibey was just 13 years old when she ran away.

What hospital was Mary reibey born in?

Mary Reibey was not born in a hospital. It was common in those days for women to have their babies at home.