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Q: How did Mexico travel to America?
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What documents do i need to travel to Mexico from America?

a visa

What continent does the Copper Canon travel?

Copper canyon is in Mexico, North America.

What continent does the Copper Canyon travel?

Copper canyon is in Mexico, North America.

Which direction would you have to travel to get from Mexico to Colombia?

South east, past Central America.

What part of the world did Hernando de Soto travel?

usa , south america, and mexico

Which travel tours cater to seniors and offer them discounts? this link has information on central America senior trips.

Why would anyone in their right mind travel to Mexico?

I do not know except is it cheap. But you can go farther south in central America and in the caribbean just as cheap. Mexico is filthy and unsafe. Travel elsewhere!

When did Francisco Vรกsquez de Coronado travel to America.?

He travelled to Mexico in 1535, and from there, he travelled overland to what is now the south-west of America in 1540.

Can you travel to Mexico from America by train?

No. Train connections among both countries are limited to cargo hauling.

How long does it take to travel from Mexico to America?

Mexico borders "America", the country officially known as the United States of America. Hence, this time could take from a couple of minutes walking, to several hours by car, boat or plane.

How many countries do you need to travel through get from Mexico to Argentina?

It depends on the route you take, but you need to travel across most of Central and South America.

What are two differences between Mexico and South America?

That Mexico is Mexico and south america is south america

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