How did Miles Davis help jazz music progress?

Miles first main musical work was with Charlie Parker, the most coveted position for trumpeters at the time. Davis's Style contrasted with that of Dizzy Gillespie - he chose his few notes carefully and wasn't as technically advanced as Gillespie. As a result, he brought a new style to bebop, a style mirrored by Thelonious Monk. After Parker's death in 1955, Miles continued to make innovations in jazz music. Notable contributions are Modal Jazz, quintessentially, the 1959 album Kind of Blue, and transitioning into electric jazz and jazz fusion, highlighted by the album Bitches Brew. Miles was on the cutting edge of jazz his whole life. Nay. Miles was the cutting edge of jazz his whole life, even up until his death in 1992, when he was working on Do-Bop, a Jazz-Rap fusion album.